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FiveHumans: Curing Ignorance.

At the WDD event in NYC, there was this really nice guy who came up to me and said, "Okay, this is going to sound completely weird, but I think I know you from Facebook.  Are you Kerri?"

And this is how I met Lee Fine from FiveHumans.com. 

He was attending the World Diabetes Day event as one of the Discovery Health Ambassadors, and his words inpired the crowd.  The company slogan of FiveHumans is "Ignorance is a curable disease."  I'm so on board for that.

Lee Fine of FiveHumans at WDD

According to their website, "Dan Grunvald and Lee Fine (read Lee’s story here) first dreamed up the concept of producing t-shirts with slogans and information related to a variety of diseases, which they called Disease Tees. Their goal was to help raise awareness and provide a tangible opportunity for people to support a cause near and dear to them." 

In 1999, Lee was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.     

Lee's diagnosis, in his own words:  "The memory of sitting in the doctor’s office reviewing my blood test results is still fresh in my mind today. I was in complete disbelief. I had never felt so alone, so vulnerable, so nervous.

Since becoming a diabetic, my life has changed significantly. At times, I’m the model patient, while at other times, I’m the guy questioning my decisions, wondering when the heck I’ll get my act together. Hey, I’m Human, and as anyone with a disease will tell you, it’s a day to day affair. One thing I have done consistently is become an advocate for my disease. Before my diagnosis I knew more about the JFK conspiracy theories than I did the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, but through life experience I’ve become an expert on all things related to diabetes and I’m always eager to enlighten anyone who’s interested in learning."

It's remarkable to see people really taking advocacy to a higher, more tangible level. Their products are cool looking, yet they make you ask questions.  Nicole (self-proclaimed Fourth Human) contacted me a few weeks ago and offered to send me one of their diabetes t-shirts.  It arrived last week, and it is awesome.   

FiveHumans t-shirt
 One Test at a Time.  Don't we know it.

To contact FiveHumans and share your story, click this link.  And if you want to check out their clever selection of inspiring t-shirts, check out their online store.  Take note:  FiveHuman will be offering the 12 days of holiday giving starting December 1st, 2008. For 12 days they will offer a daily holiday promotion on their website.

Ignorance is a curable disease.  And by spreading the word about diabetes, we're doing our part to at least cure ignorance.  That's a change we can make today. 


That T-shirt is awesome, Kerri. I am so going to buy one.

You're very right. Ignorance is a curable disease.

I love this and am heading over to their site right now!

Kerri--you wear a Paradigm pump, right? Don't you think it would be awesome to have a shirt that says "runs on AAA batteries"?
Am I the only one who finds that amusing?

Yowza! What an awesome idea I thought, and such great tshirt designs!

Wait... $30 for a tshirt? I'll pass. Even 1/2 that price is a bit much for a plain jersey shirt if you ask me.


I'm jealous. You scored a free T-shirt while I had to buy the same one. Still, it's a nice shirt and very comfortable, plus I was able to wear it on WDD.

After seeing Lee at the event, I went home and ordered the same shirt (and one for my dad for Christmas- he likes graphic t's). They are really cool-and wash up nice, as well :)

ya those t-shirts are definately cool....if you order anymore put us down for two..ill send you the money lol...

Great shirts! I'd like to get one for everyone I know for Christmas. I wish there were adult sized "I love someone with diabetes" t-shirts. (Maybe there are, but I didn't see 'em).

I'm going to order one for my almost 13 yr old son. I got him a shirt at Steve & Barry's that said "high on sweetness" and had a tootsie roll on it. We thought that high on sweetness was hysterical, but the kids at school made fun of it.....

Their website is running all diabetes tees for $16.50, however, I can't seem to figure out the correct promotion code.

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