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Diabetes Fashion Trends.

Hiding my pump behind the scarfBig sunglasses?  Tucking my pants into a pair of thigh high boots?  Ridiculous white plastic 80's earrings? 

No, no, and NOPE.

But if there's one fashion trend I'm embracing whole-heartedly, it's the scarf thing.  Scarves, pashminas ... whatever you're calling them, I love them.  Every time we're in NYC, I spend way too much time perusing the pashmina color selections offered up by the street vendors. 

Five bucks for one scarf?  Don't mind if I do! 

These handy little numbers come in a whole rainbow of colors - I have everything from midnight blue to pink to purple.  They add a splash of color to an otherwise drab ensemble, and the fabric itself is soft and flowy.  I'm frigging smitten with the things. 

And in addition to being fun and fashionable, these scarves are also my new weapon in diabetes device discretion.  One scarf, draped casually in any way that falls past my hip, can cover the bulge of the insulin pump or the Dexcom receiver.  Since I've been rotating my sites more frequently and making use of the real estate on my lower back, the tubing doesn't always reach far enough to hide the pump in my sock.  In these instances, I clip the pump to my pocket or waistline.  And the lovely scarves are awesome for keeping my devices incognito.

Even though the cold weather is chapping the hell out of my hands and making me shiver as my car warms up in the morning, I'm thankful that this chilly weather offers up plenty of opportunities to be fashionably healthy.  (And they're sort of snuggly, too, these scarves.  Almost forgot that part.)

How do you make your insulin pump or other diabetes device part of your ensemble?


On a daily basis I just throw my pump in my pocket. I LOVE cargo shorts/pants because with a cell phone, wallet, keys, pump, etc. I can fit a lot of stuff.

When I'm dressed for success, I have a wrap around black leather case that works OK. It's still visible, but most people know I'm a "special".

I've written before that the challenge is at the beach or pool. I have board shorts with pockets as well. I will have my infusion set below my waistline and pump in pocket. I have no idea what the ladies do for bikini wear...

Nothing really special here. No hidden pockets, special man bras, shoulder holsters, etc.

usually it's tucked away but I recently bought a vera bradley cell phone pouch, which looks great while hiding my pump :)

Hmm... these must be the fake "pashminas" that have been all over NYC the past five years or so. (The real ones -- popular about six or seven years ago -- are supersized cashmere shawls.)

That said, my fashion scarves are generally silk scarves and I do not usually drape them over my hips. Then again, I could care less if I look like "Techno Bill" (Dilbert character who carries every possible electronic device imaginable clipped to his belt).

I like those scarves. I have oredered a few online and am excited to wear them! I don't wear a pump so I don't have a medical thingn to hide, but I can see why it works for you.

Tony Rose - I'm sorry. I'm still laughing at "man bra."

Kassie - The Vera Bradley pouches are really cute. Does it clip to your pocket? (hint ... link me? :) )

Tmana - Totally! It's the cheapy knock-offs in NYC. I love 'em. And LOL at "Techno Bill!"

Marie - They're pretty - I hope you like them!

Well, I love me a blazer at this time of year... especially when I want to "dress up" my jeans for work. I think I really took Stacy & Clinton's avice on blazers seriously -- (too many episodes of What Not to Wear when I had cable a few years back). Anyway, I love that you can hide a pump so well in a blazer pocket!
I used to take new blazers to the tailor to have a big button-hole made in the back of the pocket so I could slip the infusion set through the hole and then re-attach it, leaving the pump in the pocket and the tubing nicely hidden underneath blazer & clothes. But after a shoddy job once, I realized I could just snip a hole in the pocket myself. If it ever becomes so frayed that the pocket is tearing to smitherenes, I'll take it to a tailor to be fixed, but until then it's a really cheap, fast, do-it-yourself job.

I dont wear a pump but I find that your idea is really great keri what an ingenious idea . Kudos to you for that one . I too love the big scarves the pashimas the whole nine yards . yes it snowed here last night and it is just great for covering up all those little things isnt it ? great blog as usual .

Here in Devil Island we have local artists making died silk scarves, they go on sale at our market and at a few of our local art / fashion stores. In fact my mum bought one last weekend, when we were out for a coffee. They look fabulous.

I often have my pump in my pocket, I don't really like it clipped on my belt as it sticks in a bit, it's simpler for us guys I suppose...size and the number of gadgets is a big thing with me...bring on the nano pumps!

A bit off topic, when I'm in a Tshirt, down at the gym... I use an Ipod nano armband, it is a tight fit initially but the 522 pump fits in. It will never fall out, its extremely secure, sweet / moisture proof, the pump LCD can be seen clearly through the clear screen, and the pump can be operated all without taking the pump out or the armband completely off. I have sent some info / photos thru to the Medtronic product mgr here in Aust., he thinks it is a g8t idea...and has sent it thru to the USA group. Medtronic would only need to make minor adjustments to make them perfect for their pumps.

Nothing secret here, Kerri. I just clip my pump to my jeans pocket.

I clip my pump to my jeans but in the opposite way you do so it's more discrete (the actual pump is in the pocket and the clip hangs out the outside). It doesn't catch on things as much either!

i also think guys have it easiest. my boyfriend totes his insulin pen, meter and strips in his cargo or jeans pockets. they do make his pockets pretty bulgy though! (except when i have mercy on him and carry his stuff in my purse :) )

I'm one of those rare gals who totes their pump around in the bra, day in and day out, every day. I say "rare" because I never really hear women talking about stowing their pump in this way, but I don't know what I'd do without the option!! I really hate the look of my pump sticking off of my waistband or out of my pocket, so the center band of my bra is perfect. If I do wear something low cut enough that it pops out (like a dress or dressy top), I usually stick old Batman in my underwear or a thigh holster where it isn't noticeable.

With the between-the-boobs set up, I can still access the audio bolus feature very discretely, and most of my friends are now used to me rooting into my shirt for a second before eating if I want to do something more complicated.

I have to say, this set up would be perfect for the Animas Ping, with the expanded remote bolusing options, but I'm not interested in paying for an upgrade right now.

I'm totally a bra girl! However, instead of shoving the "batman" between the girls, I put mine in the band underneath my arm (right under my armpit). The only worry here is that the insulin can get warm and that has been linked to breaking down the chemicals. Good minds think alike. :-)

with pants tucked in to high boots - is everyone going horseback riding or something?? big sunglasses.. yucko. and why are the 80s coming back?? do they not remember the horror or tight neon spandex??

I usually clip it to the pocket of my pants, but I'll also stick it in the middle of my bra. Especially now that I have the Animas which fits better. If I'm wearing a lower cut top I don't even mind if the pump might show a tiny bit because it makes me feel less scandalous. People aren't seeing my cleavage, they're seing a medical device. :)

I love dresses, and now I look for ones that have pockets. I just cut a hole small enough to pass the pump tubing through.

Hi Kerri!
I kept a couple of your entries in my inbox so I could comment on them. I am finally sitting down to do so!!
I've written comments before. My daughter is 6 and was diagnosed at 22 months, been on the pump since age 3. We finally got fed up with products not really suiting her needs, so we developed our own and now have them manufactured. We wanted them to be functional, fashionable and reasonably priced. So...this is how our 6 year old wears her pump...in one of our packs. When we shipped one recently to a mom, she wrote back with such positive comments and even mentioned YOU! She asked if I had heard about you and your blog and said I should send a product to you. I wrote back...yes! I've subscribe to SUM for about a year now and love reading Kerri's stuff! I feel weird asking...but since this customer mentioned it...Would you be willing to receive a package from us with our product and story and just give us your feedback?...thanks for your response...Nan

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