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Siah Wants You ...


Siah wants you ... to vote!

Election day - get out there and rock the vote!  Learn more about the candidate's position on healthcare at dLife, and you can also follow the rabid Twitter crew on the election feed.  Today is a crucial day - whatever your political leanings, VOTE!

(And also - happy birthday to my pretty little niece, A!) 


I sent in my absentee ballot last week. Man, I am so glad election day is finally here. I'm so sick of the TV ads.

haha, that is a great photo.. I voted!

It's like that cat is looking right through me!

Voted this morning!

Vote for Siah! Vote for Siah!

Oh wait....

Sign up for Siah's Army!!

Which army is that again?

Love it Kerri.
And yes, Go Out And VOTE!

i agree on the ads 100% - glad they're done. I won't get preachy on my politics but I'm in favor of positions and candidates that further research and develop of diseases - and aren't thwarted by ideological roadblocks.

My sister and I both have type 1 DB. I organize and ride in the Multiple Sclerosis bike tour every year for my work. My other half's family has some severe genetic arthritis conditions. Even for a healthy person research and development should be important.

I support positions to provide EASY and affordable healthcare, and access to life extending devices and drugs like insulin, CGM gear - or asthma medication.

Those will save our country money in the long run - and make us a much happier and healthier populace.

Siah scared me a little. :)

Happy Election Day!

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