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Red Riding Hood.

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning here at SUM, you've seen the Red Riding Hood costume before.  But due to the fact that I had no time to prepare a costume for work and I was in charge of wrangling things in for the dLife Halloween Party (my coworkers' costumes were FANTASTIC, by the way), I had to recycle.  Just call it a green Halloween.  ;)

Kerri "Red Riding Hood" Sparling

Happy Halloween, everyone!  And if you have a photo of your costume from today, post it in the comments section.  I want to see what everyone else dressed up as!!!  I'm off to my brother's house for the spooky festivities - pictures to come! 

Stay safe, and for crying out loud, eat at least one Snicker's bar, would you?  :)


Have a good time, Kerri! I'll definitely eat at least one Snickers bar. Most likely more. LOL.

Happy Halloween.


I do remember the Red outfit. Still very cool!

1 snickers? You've got it!

Say hi to your brother from me.

Happy Halloween! I approve of recycling costumes, if they're good ones! You certainly can't go wrong with that hood. :) I recycled everything in my costume but the cape this year, oddly enough. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kirinqueen/2988533737/

Very cute! I haven't even thought about a costume since we're not going out, but it would be fun to wear one when I give out treats. My creativity is running low today after waking up far too early with a disgusting sweaty low and not being able to go back to sleep. Hmmm, maybe a Snickers (or a KitKat or some Milk Duds) would inspire me....

you wear it well!

(and I'm afraid I've had a few too many thin mints today...)

you look so cute and adorable and have a wonderfull time and happy halloween to you too . Unfortunately we live far out so there probably wont be any trick or treaters . I miss that sometimes .

My picture is posted on my blog: http://www.countrygirldiabetic.blogspot.com

:) I LOVE your costume!

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