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Prepping For Halloween.

We're working on getting in the spirit for Halloween here in Sparling Country, and to help prep, we checked out a very cool jack o'lantern exhibit here in Fairfield County.  The layout was impressive - there were a few hundred jack o'lanterns on display, and they ranged from simple to simply amazing. 

The impressive pumpkin patch

There were dinosaurs etched into the sides of these massive pumpkins.  Political pumpkins.  A little Beatles action.  And each new pumpkin patch was accompanied by a specially selected musical track. 

Taking pictures was tough because it was so dark and I don't have a tripod, but we were able to catch a few pumpkins with clarity.  This one, with King Neptune on it, was very, very cool.

King Neptune, the PumpKing?

And other jack o'lanterns were just plain neat to look at.

We thought this one was cool.

The experience was amazing, and definitely has us ready for Friday.  Full photo set on Flickr, but be prepared - some of them are wicked blurry.  I'm getting ready for my Snickers bar - ahem, Bennet - are you?!


Cool pumpkins!!!

That is so cool dear glad you got to see this awesome thing . I think when we move up north I think this will be one of the things we do first for halloween . I am so glad you enjoyed it . positively awesome .

Oh how awesome!! How did I not know about this???

Great pics!

Cool pics! Is this at the Maritime Museum? We are off with the kids tomorrow night, for some pumpkin display. Maybe the same? Some are pretty impressive, but might be lost on my 19 month old!

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