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Dexcom In Le Honda.

Vlogging - still haven't qute figured out the format yet.  But this time, I'm vlogging from my new car and hooked back up to the Dexcom - with a little Weezer in the background because they are just cool.

I am, however, running out of ideas to vlog about, and would really appreciate any suggestions.  SuperG answered some questions from his comments section a few weeks back - anyone have anything they want to ask?  How to build a rocket ship?  (No idea.)  What's the best way to control blood sugars?  (I don't have any answer to this, but I'd love to hear your suggestions.)  What's it like, living with that weird little gray Sausage cat?  (Oy - I could vlog for days about that.)

Oh, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister, Courtney!


Happy birthday to the sister. It's my mom and step-dad's anniversary today. :)
I love it when you vlog, but if you don't have time, I think we all understand you are a busy woman.
Oh, I'd like to know what you carry around in your purse for diabetes. :)

Did you say 104?!?!

Isn't that THE OneTouch number?!?

Sorry, I might be obsessed with that number! :)

Cara - Happy anniversary to your mom and stepdad! :) And thanks for the question - you've given me something to say in my next vlog. (Phew!)

Sara - aLOL!! I totally thought the same thing when I saw it. I was like, "Hey, front of the OneTouch marketing pamphlet!" ;)

Here's a question I was curious about for possible future vlog. With Halloween coming up, when you were a kid how did you deal with the whole Halloween candy thing having diabetes? Did mom really restrict you or did you restrict yourself during Halloween time? Any advice for kids with diabetes this time of year? Just curious.

You are such a weirdo.

The car looks great, the music rocks, and the approval for CGMS is the best thing of all! Very cool Kerri.

P.S. Happy birthday to Courtney.

How about vlogging on how the dexcom works and how it has help you get in better control?

I agree with Darrell, you're such a weirdo. Also, I am wicked jealous as my car no longer has "new car smell".

Haha "Sarah Palin wink" Classic!

I think just sharing stories like you do written is pretty cool. Maybe you could interview people in your car? Have like a rotating passenger seat series. I think that would be cool, though then you wouldn't be alone in your car. Not sure how you feel about that.

How fun!! Love the bright, sparkly new car. I swear I could catch a whiff of that new car smell right through my monitor!!

Jealous about the Honda (my car's a decade old.) Jealous about the Dexcom (my sugar's now at 264 after a really overdone pigout to recover from a sugar of 32.) And because I'm jealous, I was trying to think of something embarrassing for you to tape. But then I realized you've already attached a face on your meter and made it talk.

So nothing will embarrass you.

Maybe you could record a tour around the dLife office and tell us what you do?

Or, you could put on a Halloween costume and vlog yourself mooning passing cars.

Happy B'day to Courtney. This is B'day/Anniversary week here. Hubby's was last Friday, mine is Saturday and yesterday was our 8th Anniversary.

I love the idea of vlogging from your car. Funny because the vlog from the other car had you looking around and feeling uncomfortable and yet you seem right at home in the Honda. Good one.

Oh, the sausage cat, for sure (but you know I adore your cat and can't get enough of her so maybe I'm a lot biased).

Here's a topic. Whats it like working for DLife and how'd you manage to get such a cool job?

And another off the wall one (only because I've been experimenting with a new method myself) -- do you have a system for choosing which finger you poke for testing, or is it random all the way?

Nice job Kerri. I think the d-vloggers should get together and do a different topic each week (didn't someone else already suggest this?).

I'm not jealous of the car, because I'll bet yours doesn't have an old car smell like mine. Now that's really something. ;-)

Ha. I was thinking the Sarah Palin thing right before you said it! I do like Allison's idea about the interviews, though it does have the potential to get a little creepy if you were to ask someone "hey, do you want to come sit in my car with me and talk to a little camera?"
Anyway. Enjoyed the vlog, and the Weezer! :)

Your new car is lovely! I, too, am jealous of the new car smell...mine smells like an 8-year-old mom-wagon. :) A couple of others have already posted my idea - a tour of the dLife office, sort of a SUM backstage pass.

Happy birthday to Courtney, too - this is an EXCELLENT week for a birthday. I'm celebrating mine on Friday, but I'm guessing that I am probably 2X her age! LOL

I love the vlog even when you're not sure what to talk about. So! Cute! Here's my topic suggestions: 1) share/show favorite places to hide your pump 2) interview the people you convinced to be diabetics for a day 3) interview your husband!! We'd all love to hear him talk :)

Here's a question:

Can you tell me why it's bad to eat half a bag of LifeSavers that are made with xylitol?

You are too cute for words! I envy you tech know-how. Can't wait for more vlogs.

I was going to ask about Halloween also for the kiddos....just like Doctor Anonymous. Did your parents do creative things like "buy" your candy from you? Did you visit kids in the hospital? Give us a themed scoop......
would appreciate it alot!!!!

Congrats on the new car and the dexcom CGM. I posted this question on youtube...but how did you decide which CGM to use? How do you like it? How has it helped and is it comfortable??

I secretly want to be your best friend...not so secret anymore...hahaha...I'm not a stalker!

Hey Kerri, I don't know if you could do it in a vlog, but a blog (Or maybe more than one) that I've wanted to read from you would be about your college years, going through college. The ups the downs and the Kerri funnies.

What do you think?

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