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The Temptation of Cookies.

But are they bolus-worthy?!"I'll just stand here and keep you company."  He crossed his arms over his chest and kept his eyes on the red bowl I was stirring.

"Chris, you aren't keeping me company.  You're lurking."  The butter and the sugar were starting to mix up in the bowl, giving off that sweet aroma of cookies-to-be.

He smiled.  

"I love cookie dough!"

I'm not much of a cook, but I can definitely bake.  Flourless chocolate cake.  Banana bread that's made with extra bananas so it's all moist and decadent.  I can make chocolate crinkle cookies and Hershey kiss cookies, chocolate chip with oatmeal, peanut butter cookies ... you name it.  And last night, at the begging of my husband, I made chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate chips.

It's almost Murphy's Law, my cooking talents unable to be used for "good."  I can't cook up a turkey dinner, or make a delicious dinner, but I can create the most sinful desserts without effort.  And the irony of standing there with my insulin pump clipped to my hip as I mixed up a bowl of brown sugar, chocolate chips, white flour, and butter was enough to make me laugh.

I've become decent with the willpower bit, able to say "no thanks" to indulgences if I have my head on straight, but sometimes I completely buckle and make stupid decisions.  I caved to the temptation of cookies last night.  They were fresh from the oven and sitting on the cooling rack, making the whole house smell ... simply: awesome. 

And Chris and I settled in to watch Vantage Point (mini-review: decent enough of a movie, but I could have done with the rewind device every fifteen minutes or so), I grabbed three cookies for Chris.  And then I grabbed three for myself.  My willpower went pfffft.  And the cookies tasted delicious.

Indulgences, for me, make me fear the highs.  I'm not as concerned with the calories or the effects on my weight (maybe I should be), but I try and ward off any post-indulgence highs anyway that I can.  Usually, I bolus aggressively, and sometimes hit the mark perfectly.  Other times I end up chasing a low, making the indulgence go from "reasonable" to downright gluttonous.   Last night I managed to do both.  Those three (delicious) cookies sent me up to 204 mg/dl, then I hit 54 mg/dl about an hour later.  

But was it worth it?  

I hadn't had cookies fresh from the oven in years.  Can't even remember the last time.  And these cookies were moist, hot, freshly baked, delicious, just the right amount of chocolate chips, and delicious.  So yeah, I'd say that little blip in my willpower radar was okay.  One cookie won't kill me.  Neither will three.

But Chris, eating spoonful after spoonful of raw cookie dough?  I think that may be more of a problem.  ;) 


I made cookies with my son- a 5 year old type one- yesterday, too! As he stole mini chololate chip after mini chocolate chip, I knew we were going to have a BG battle on our hands! But come on- how could I not let him enjoy it? Thanks for making me feel better about giving in to him! He may have diabetes- but he is kid first and formost. Judging from your post- I think we all are!

My problem with sweets is, I always end up taking too much insulin after eating brownies for example, then my blood sugar drops to 50, so what do I correct it with? More brownies. Hence, the vicious cycle that continues until I make myself sick and bitter towards what I just ate.

Gayle - I may never grow up. Doesn't look like my husband plans on it, either, judging by the amount of cookie dough he ate.

Meghan - I TOTALLY know what you mean. "I make myself sick and bitter towards what I just ate." That resonates so much for me that it made me actually nod in agreement. I don't know what to say, other than I understand.

I HAD to go and read this didn't I. I'm going to finish eating my chicken breast and mixed vegetables and try to wipe this delicious post from my brain palate.

I can barely get the dough into the oven before I start scarfing down the delectable dough. Sometimes I don't even bother baking it! I just eat it.

Totally worth it. I find if I don't slip a little then I want to SLIDE A WHOLE LOT.

At least for me, a little every once and a while keeps me from jumping off the deep end.

haha i get there too. what i like to do is count up the carbs in however many chocolate chips, 9 per tbsp usually....but then i dont put the bag away and i keep going. haha. sometimes, chocolate happens.

Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies are totally bolus worthy!!! :) Sometimes I modify mine a bit - replace half the white sugar with Splenda, use Splenda Brown Sugar blend, and substitute whole wheat flour for some of the white flour. (I wish I could remember the flour ratio - too much wheat flour ruins it. I'd try 1/3 wheat, 2/3 white.) Still really good . . . although sometimes you just gotta make the real thing!!

We used to love licking the spoon and the beaters whenever my mom baked. But now the "raw egg scare" has ruined it for me. *sigh*

My current hobby of choice.... cake decorating.
I try my best not to eat, but sometimes it's just too overwhelming.

I'm sorry, I can't respond now. I am busy eating a cookie. :)

Although they are clearly not as good, this is why I buy pre-packaged dough - the tear off sheets. They are pre-measured and pre-carbed. Much easier to dose!

I've always said that Diabetics make the best candy connoisseurs! (or cookies, or cakes...) My friends always say that I know the best candy to give...haha We're quite a group!!! ;)

Aw, sounds like you two had a great evening in. I guess I'm lucky that I don't like (never have liked) cookies. Weird, huh? Good for Daniel, though, as I can make them for him without temptations. I love cake, which I never make.

well we all cave from time to time dont we ? Keri you did not commit the mortal sin . If you want cookies sometimes you just have to have them right ? I completely understand .

It's nice to hear Chris is human after all.

What is it about cookie dough? I used to make double batches of dough because I'd invariably eat so much of it that I would barely have enough for one batch of baked cookies.

Me too!!!! I love baking! Hate cooking, LOVE baking. And, of course, eating what I've baked. ;) I sometimes feel like an oxymoron; a diabetic with a sweet tooth!

My new 20 carb intake for my walk after work is a mini almond joy and a glass of milk.

We are all sick puppies. :)

I know the dough–problem. My children love to pinch as much as they can, while my wife has the idea that raw dough is bad for the health. She prefers the end result. In my opinion dough–loving children is really bad for the cookie output, and that leaves the choice of an angry wife, because of not having enough cookies or angry children, because of not having enough dough.
The solution is to bake cookies when my wife or my children are out of the house. Or I will just buy a bigger bowl.


we all need some sweets from time to time. At least you saved your time for the best possible treat!

You could also try following up the treat with a little exercise *wink *wink.

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