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The Swell Season in Central Park.

I play all tough sometimes, but in reality, I'm a complete softie.  Smiling babies warm my heart.  Sunrises fill me with hope.  The majestic beauty of the sharks at the aquarium make me all moody, for crying out loud.  I'm ridiculous. 

Glen Hansard of The Frames / The Swell Season

Some songs give me uncontrollable goosebumps.  Music is one of those things I need to have while writing, thinking, working ... living.  Last night, Chris and I and two of our friends went into the city to see The Swell Season in Central Park.  I've seen Glen Hansard perform with The Frames several times, and he performs with the kind of passion and convinction that would cause me to vote him President of Everything, should such an election come up.  And Marketa Irglova, his co-star in the movie Once, brought nothing short of the same passion.

Listening to music under the stars in Central Park ... hell of a way to spend a Wednesday night. 


I only wish I lived close enough to NYC to do this. :) If it weren't for jobs/housing/health insurance, I would move to NYC for a year. I've been horribly deprived of culture living in rural TN all my life. :P

Quite jealous.

Oh wow Kerri. I love LOVE them. What a great show to see and what a cool venue.

I'm with Cara. I need to move to NYC.

Man, I wish I had known about this! What's your secret for finding out all this cool stuff? Oh well, next time! :-)

I bet that was GREAT!

You conjured up so simply my exact feelings about the power of Glen and Marketa's music on me. "Voting Glen for president of Everything." I love it.

it sounds like you have a really nice time . I miss going to concerts but you cannot afford them where I live . I really miss that . I am so glad you got out and had such a good time . Cathy

Once=The Most Romantic Movie Ever Made...I feel fluttery just thinking about it.

And I'm not attracted to redheads, but I'd leave my husband for Glen Hansard. All he'd have to do is look up from his keyboard and wink.


I saw them 4 weeks ago in MA. and I am holding my breath until I see them again in Boston tomorrow. I got 5th row center tix on ebay and cannot wait. We got drenched last time but I have to tell you 1500 people, soaking wet and not a soul left. There are not many groups that could hold such a diverse age group under those conditions. I wanted to see them and not shiver this time!

Cara- they play Bonnaroo in Tn., my daughter went. maybe next year.

Go Swell Season, Go Frames!

Mmmm, you had me until the sharks. I'm not loving those ugly sharks - maybe it's because Pea makes us watch Jaws every SINGLE time it's on. Ahem, but anyway, sounds like the perfect way to spend one of the last summer evenings of this year.

1. I loved Once and the music and all of it. I'll have to force the husband to sit and watch it.

2. I wish they were playing in Denver. Albuquerque is so close yet so far away.

3. OMG, NYC.

I am so jealous.

I watched Once last year about a month after a quick trip to Dublin. On that trip I'd visited the music store where the piano playing scene was shot. And given I'd also been in Grafton Street, where the two characters first meet, the whole movie was very surreal to me.

Love him- he and Marketa had the best Oscar speeches last year.

"make art" :)

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