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Walking The Walk.

Sunday morning, bright and much earlier than I was ready for, I found myself at Cranbury Park in Fairfield County for Connecticut's JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Despite the rain and the extremely muggy conditions, Team dLife represented and made me proud to be a part of the crew.

The walk, for some reason, wasn't along a track but instead was along a mild hiking trail.  This was fine for people who were able to traverse the rocky terrain, but for some parents piloting strollers, it was tricky indeed. (Note to CT JDRF:  Maybe you should have called it the JDRF Hike for a Cure?)

I had the pleasure of being escorted by my co-worker's daughter, who is four years old but wise well beyond her years.

"Let's go in the wood!  We can camp in the woods.  I saw a movie about bears.  And snakes.  I saw a snakes movie.   Hey, there's a path - let's go that way and we can camp in the woods overnight!"

"No way!  Your mom would be mad if we went camping without telling her.  And why do you have so much energy?  Did you drink a whole pot of coffee this morning?"

"I drank ten pots of coffee." She turned to be and gave me a 1,000 watt grin.

I believed her. 

Team dLife 2008!

Working at dLife, as a person with diabetes myself, is a unique experience because I walk the walk and talk the talk.  But at the JDRF event on Sunday, it was nice to see everyone walking the walk, right alongside me.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the walk, and onward to the RI JDRF walk on October 26th!


How'd I miss you? I had my eyes out for you! I saw a few dlife shirts and thought about asking if you were around but didn't. :( Shoot!
I'm going to give some constructive criticism of my own to the JDRF (ie walk length, bumpyness and parking oh my!).

Rachel - I was looking for you, too! I talked with Barbara, who had seen you, but I never found you. I wanted you to meet Chris! :)

Soon - we need another dinner maybe in late October?

Very cool! It seems like dLife is such a great place to work!

Sigh. It sounds like you had fun. I didn't get to walk this year due to other plans, but I am planning on walking next year.
Kids at that age are so much fun, aren't they? :)

That walk sounds like fun!
We used to walk for the ADA, then we walked at BD campus in Franklin Lakes for a few years. Now we walk at Camp Nejeda in Stillwater NJ. The walk helps keep up the camp and to raise money for camperships, so that kids who can't afford the cost can still get to attend camp.

Wow! Even with all the hiking everyone seems to have such happy smiling faces. ;)

sorry - I couldn't resist

It really seems crazy to have a walk-a-thon on a hiking trail!! Glad everyone made the best of it though. I think I'm going to do that one next year instead of the ADA one - I've heard that a lot of the money raised doesn't make it to the ADA. I'd rather walk for whoever puts my $$ towards a cure!

We are looking forward to the Worcester walk next weekend. I have to brag on this great group of kids in our neighborhood who happen to be diabetic(including my daughter, of course!) They got together to help Dani film her video for this truly amazing song she wrote about the Walk. Seriously, I dare you to watch it and not get teary-eyed. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=cm5z2MI3ZgU

Glad you enjoyed the weekend & the walk! I see another Camp Nejeda Person commented, however I did not do the Walk A Thon there this year. Have a great week!

hey, are you guys coming down/up? to do the 5k in Ri this year?

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