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Fun Time With SEO.

SEO crap.Most people find Six Until Me by Googling something like "diabetes blogs" or "type 1" or "where the heck do I hide my pump?"  But sometimes they come to my blog via channels I never anticipated.  In checking my statcounter this morning, I saw some search terms leading people here that made me laugh out loud.  Case in point:

  • "define all i need is me and my bitch"
  • "you’ll know more about me than my gynecologist does"
  • "funny and diabetic is it possible"  (Yes.  Yes, it is.)
  • "monkey business, diabetes, baking soda"  (What the heck were these people concocting?)
  • "the diabetes pissed consumer"
  • "my cat knows about my brain"
  • "sausage time"  (Oh dear!)
  • "kerri sparling show me her face"  (Ahhhh!  Who the hell is typing that one?)

And the best of today's bunch?

"Nobody comes between me and my pump" 

Well damn straight! 


Everytime you post this stuff I crack up. Sausage time?
double you tea eff???

Funny stuff. What exactly about "all I need is me and my bitch" did they need defined? Sounds pretty straight forward to me.

My d-blog stats didn't show any searches, but some odd ones from my knitting blog were "cute engineering", "Magical Mystery Sock Tour" and "knitting graphics rubber duck". Huh???

I love the "Nobody comes between me & my pump" search.. too funny but most certainly the truth for many of us!!

Nice. I often have dreams about people trying to come take my pump and I fight them off ninja style.

ahaha thats awesome.

i envisioned a creep-o waving his hands around a crystal ball "kerri sparling...show me her face..."

I just had to tell you, I had a run-in with a coworker who insisted on telling me all about her diabetes today because she saw me eating a macaroon... "Oh, that looks so decadent, wow, I remember when I could eat stuff like that..." The usual. I was sympathetic and I asked when she was diagnosed and all the routine jazz. She said she lost a bunch of weight and that helped, blah be de blah.

Then I mentioned my friend, Kerri, who wears a pump and how you were diagnosed with Type-1 as a small child. She started in (just like the Ann Taylor lady
111) about how pumps are so crazy and how she wonders if you lost weight if that would help.


It was very hard to end that conversation without punching her. I had to fake taking a phone call to get myself out of it.

you really can make me giggle keri . You are too funny . What exactly is sausage time ? LOL !! as always a great blog .

Now I'm picturing your cat in MC Hammer pants. It's really not a good look for a cat.

"Nobody comes between me and my pump"? That smacks of the Calvin Klein ad with Brooke Shields... I have this image now in my head and it's cracking me up!

Gotta LOVE SEO... in my blog, to this day the most popular search that leads people to it was the least planned and well-thought post I wrote, inviting people to complete the lyrics of a song that I couldn't find online. Now it is like THE PLACE to find the complete lyrics.

The sad thing is that the song is the cheesiest thing. I gotta find it for you. :D

Gotta love that list, Hillarious!


Funny. The gynecologist quote is in this article.

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