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Friday Face-Time.

Six Until Me - Vlogging Since ... Three Weeks AgoLow blood sugars are not fun.  Over the past ten weeks or so, I hadn't experienced many lows, but I've hit more than my fair share of highs.  (And not normal highs - instead, those warm, feverish highs that made my eyes ache and suits my teeth up in sweaters.)  But the lows seemed to have returned a bit, in part to a tendency to aggressively correct highs and the lack of carbs in my house this week. 

Like this morning:  I woke up and sat on the side of the bed for a full five minutes before getting up to test. I knew I was low, but it's like I'm unable to let myself drink the juice before testing.  Instinct?  Impulse? The room was thick with a cottony fog and my head was spinning, but I couldn't function clearly enough to grab the bottle of juice from the bedside table.  I grabbed my meter, waited patiently for the 52 mg/dl to pop up on the screen, and only then would I let my hands wander towards the grape juice bottle. 

It's frustrating.  My lows over the years have become progressively stickier, taking longer to come up and with symptoms that linger far beyond their textbook-issued 15 minute window.  This week's vlog entry is about lows and their irritating ways.  (And I tried my best to speak  more slowly, but I think I'm somehow related to the Micro Machines guy.  I just talk too damn fast.) 

Click on the logo to visit my YouTube channel, don't laugh at my crappy flashcards, and let me know what kind of vlog topics you want to see covered in the future! 


I love your vlog! :P
I started getting numb mouth with my lows when I was in college and it hung around. It's not fun. :) The crying only happens occasionally, but it usually happens along with the loss of words, ability to walk, and the ability to do anything for myself.
And my lows don't go away in 15 minutes. They take forever to come back up. Which often leads to me overtreating and spiking later. Sigh.
Oh, and Abby rocks! She's so cute.

I didn't know Princess Leah had diabetes. (the dizzy looked like princess leah to me lol)

Your vlog was great!

I usually panic when i'm low, which brings along crying, shaking, I can't concentrate on anything and usually need somebody to get me juice. I also get a feeling in my knees like as if I have NO bone in them - weird lol.

I get really cranky when I'm low - I'll snap at people and crab for no apparent reason. (Because a low isn't alway apparent!!) I also get this weird thing with the light - I have no freaking clue how to explain it . . . but the light just looks brighter, more shiny, different somehow. When the sunlight or a lamp starts to look weird, I know I need to check becasue I'm probably low.

Sorry to hear about the pesky highs. I hate that feeling. Especially the "feel so high that I vomit" part.

My most annoying low symptom (besides the crying and confusion) is "posturing." My endo once told me that happens because the autonomic symptoms are bypassed, and the neurological signs happen. I will shrug my shoulders (usually just one at a time) and bend my wrist. If I see that someone has noticed (good friends) I try inhibiting it, but then the bending goes to my ankle.

Before I got Dixie, those were the signs that friends would see A LOT and tell me to have food. Now Dixie is able to catch me when I'm just a little low, before those symptoms happen. :-)

Great v-log (how do you spell that anyway?)! Also interesting symptom from Karen. I too have visual symptoms. Looks like the light is flickering...as if there is a ceiling fan going round and round that blocks the light intermittently. What I hate most is the loss of control over my thoughts and the fact that I have to stop doing anything that requires a brain for a while...and yes...often longer than 15 minutes.

I have noticed the numb mouth thing recently and I sweat like its going out of style. I agree, I hate every second of a low.

Poor Abby. She did NOT look happy ;-)

I used to go numb in the legs. Every so often it will still happen, like when my husband & I go for a long walk and I bottom out. I also start rambling on about any old thing. He says it's my way of distracting myself from the low--either that, or I'm highly caffeinated too ;-)

I hate every second of a low too. Despise it. Pure hatred. Fear it.

I still get the numb lips and tongue. I sweat like it is 130 degrees and I can't get my skin off quick enough. I am focused on one thing only, Food. Yet my brain thinks about Everything!! Why is the sky blue, I need to do dishes, where is my cat, I think I have to pee.....irritating to no end!!!

Great vlog Kerri. You are too funny. Abby (sp?) is huge.

I watched "The Notebook Thief" too and Siah is So small (Abby is Huge!). It was SO funny how Siah took the notebook, ha ha ha ha ha!!! Your subtle commentary made me laugh harder!

Keep up the great work. Kinda miss seeing The Friday Six in my reader. But I will read any new post any day. ;-)

Love the vlogs!

All those things plus the ones in the comments pretty much sum up my experiences with lows, except the crying. Not all at the same time but it varies as to what symptom is presenting itself when and where. My mild lows are the sluggish sitting there bit. The drastic lows are the numb mouth and tongue, or the beboppin around (like molly's posturing) and the middle of the night sweats.

I think it depends on what your brain and body are doing at the time as to what you get. The numb mouth and posturing are the worst because they usually show up with others around. If I'm low and alone I can handle it, might take me 5 minutes to get to the fridge but I do get there. But it's the whole trying to remain calm and keep everyone else calm and field questions when you really just want to tell everyone to go away and shutup while you get the juice yourself. My independent streak comes out when I'm low. I can handle this myself, which is so not the case.

Although I do have to say that with the pump my lows have not been as many or as low and neither have my highs. When it was MDI it was worse.

Keep up the good work!

Love the Abby Cameo at the end. Lows suck, My mouth goes knumb i hate that the most. It feels like the dentist stuck novocain in my tongue. Suxxxxxx.

you are fun to watch on video! lol

I think you are fabulous...blogs, vlogs, the whole bit!

I hate to hear you are struggling with lows. My daughter Nikki (10 years old) has diabetes; school started about a week and half ago and she has spent the majority of that time in the nurses office because she is fighting persistent LOWS. It's 'interesting' to hear that you sometimes struggle with lingering effects of lows because Nikki sometimes takes an hour or so to feel better after an extreme low or high; sometimes she needs to sleep it off for 20 minutes or so.

Sometimes your low blood sugar symptoms last longer than 15 minutes due to the blood-brain barrier.

It can take glucose up to 45 minutes to cross the blood-brain barrier, which means that your brain does not recover from the lows for at least 45 minutes-sometimes......


Hi Kerri!
Great vlog...and great topic. I've often wondered what other people's symptoms are with lows. With me, the most distinct one, is an itchy stomach. It's my tell-tale sign that I'm going low. Sweaty, babbling, dizzy, independent... I get those, too. Not the crying tho'... never heard that one before. I usually get cold when my sugar starts to come back up... so I know I can head back to bed! (I usually get my lows around 3am... not a fun way to wake up!)

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