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Free Test Strips? Do Tell!

Diabetes is expensive.  With test strips clocking in around a buck apiece, it's no wonder that every time I open the bottle I hear "ca-ching!"

So when I hear that there are free test strips being given out, my interest piques like crazy.  And I had to share with you guys.  :)

Thanks to Kelly Close and the crew at diaTribe, there is a year's worth of One Touch test strips up for grabs. According to the diaTribe site, "You have a chance of winning a grand prize of one year's worth of OneTouch Ultra test strips (based on about 5 strips per day). That's 18 boxes each containing 100 OneTouch test strips. There are also 18 runner up prizes, each consisting of a box of 100 OneTouch Ultra test strips, and you will have a chance to win any of these 19 prizes. That's a lot of strips!" 

Now here's where I disclose the fact that I write a column for diaTribe, so I'm not exactly unbiased in urging you to sign up.  I am, however, a fan of accurate information about diabetes being passed around, so I'd be pro-diaTribe regardless of my professional association.  

The point is, if you sign on up, you can receive not only good diabetes-related information, but you can also score a year's worth of test strips.  That's a deal if I ever heard one!!  Sign up between August 3rd and August 31st to enter! 


Cool! If only it were for a year's worth of Freestyle strips. (Of course, I think those are even more expensive.)

I guess you are out of luck if you are already a member.

diaTribe rocks.

Aw, I'm already signed up.

How great is that?? I just went over and signed up. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Lili and Chris, Kelly here, I help with diaTribe and so sorry for the confusion! - you definitely can enter if you are a subscriber! go to www.diatribe.us/mystrips and just throw your name in the hat! I always feel more reassured the more strips I have - how crazy is that! This drawing will be lots of fun, thanks so much for entering!

Sweet! I'd do things a lot more difficult than that for a year's worth of test strips!

I am praying I get even a month's worth of strips..lol..I don't qualify for any help with medicaid, I'm to young for medicare, and haven't tested my sugar in 3 months. Thanks sooo much for the tip. Keeping my fingers crossed.

i need halp with the tast strips

I have been unemployyed for over a yer and denied unemoploment. the only way i hve bee ble to get trip i to beg vriou fmily member adn that i running out iam deperte

Just started medicare. BIG DEAL!! Don't be fooled by the hype you DO NOT get free testing supplies through medicare. At least if you started this year. They charge you a monthly premium for parts "A" and "B" then on top of that you have to sign up seperately for Part "D" at your cost then when it is all said and done you have a $162.00 deductable then when that is met you have an 80% 20% co-pay Thank You Government. How much more you going to take from the permanently disabled. Sign up for any free test supplies You BET!!!

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