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Technology Is Fun!

No energy for a real post.  Here's the rundown:

  1. I have spent the last few weeks preparing to move my site from Yahoo! (crap) to LiquidWeb (good so far).  This has been a tedious experience, but the folks at Liquidweb have been accessible, patient, and fast.
  2. Yahoo! has worked hard to muck up the process at every turn.
  3. Developed intense hatred for Yahoo!.
  4. LiquidWeb repointed my DNS in the wee hours of last night instead of the wee hours of tonight (oh shit), having me wake up to a stunted site and nothing newer on SUM than a stale ol' post from July 2nd.
  5. I got coffee.  Nothing can be healed without coffee.
  6. Exchanged flurry of panicked emails with LiquidWeb dudes.  Asked many questions, including several variations on "What does that mean?"  "How do I do that?"  And "Where the hell do I find that?"
  7. Received second CGMS denial letter in the mail.  Furrowed eyebrows, then filed away to deal with tomorrow.
  8. Drank more coffee.  Focused on work.  Tuned back in to the web crisis when the LiquidWeb guys rang me at work and started pouring their techy genius into my head over the phone.  Felt overwhelmed.  
  9. Likened myself to a "cavewoman banging her fists against the keyboard in frustration" in an email to tech support.
  10. Laughed when tech support signed their email back "Unga, Caveman."
  11. Discovered that my SUM email wasn't working. 
  12. Panicked and told co-worker that my brain melted due to site melting.  She retorted that her boyfriend rides a boogie board.  Her story made me laugh so hard I forgot about my email troubles.
  13. Turned focus back to work.
  14. Went home after receiving a promotion at work (yay!).  Also received phone call from TechGuy at Liquid Web, telling me that the site has been restored (also yay!).
  15. Danced small jig of glee.  Almost twisted ankle.
  16. Attempted to figure out new email system and the perils of a new FTP.
  17. Posted this blog.

I'm hoping that the site hiccups are minimal as I settle in to this new server.  Once the hiccups stop, I'll be rolling out a redesign - once I finish it.  :)  And at the moment, my email is being a bit wonky, so if you emailed me and I haven't responded, please resend. 

In the meantime - Siah!  Don't cut the red wire or the whole site will ...

Don't cut the red wire!


Hey! Congrats on the promotion at work. Technology indeed... can't live without it though! The wedding went off very well, and we are currently in Malaysia (though our time here is sadly coming to an end very soon :() on our honeymoon.
Keep Well!

i love that picture of Siah, it's great, and so appropriate for this post ;)

Siah is absolutely adorable! I think my cat is Siah's twin!

Sounds rough, Kerri, good luck getting everything worked out!

I tried to comment on your old post earlier today when your comments were, understandably, not working. I just wanted to thank you for all the posting you've done about the sensor on your site. I'm seriously considering trying one soon and thanks to all the info you've posted I already feel well prepared. On that note, I also wish you the best of luck in trying to get approval from the insurance company!!! I look forward to the day you can write about getting that letter :)

1. Yes I am up at 2:30 AM. I have the day off tomorrow so what better way to spend it than sleeping in.
2. YAY! Promotions!
3. Aww! Baby Siah! TOO cute!

Ahh! Poor Kerri! Hopefully this will have you fixed all up. I can understand the panic. I figured something was wrong when I checked yesterday afternoon and everything was gone back to July 2nd.
Congrats on the promotion!

WOW!!!! Congratulations on the promotion - you tried to slide that great news in there just to see if we were really paying attention, huh? :) Site stuff is so frustrating, but I'm glad it's all up and running again - provided that red wire stays intact. Hahahaha, cute picture. Sorry to hear about the second denial letter though - urgh. Looking forward to seeing the new site design soon though. And yes, this rambling, all-over-the-place comment is due to the fact that I haven't had enough coffee yet. Gotta go fix that now!!!

Thanks, guys! :) It's been a harrowing day of computer muckity-muck, flanked by some good news at work.

And unfortunately, that isn't a photo of Siah. (Though she looked EXACTLY like that when she was a small gray puffy kitten.) That's a photo that came up when I searched for the term "Don't cut the red wire!" It was so cute and so unexpected that I had to use it. :)

Congrats! on the promo.
At least you got a tech with a sense of humor. Don't worry it will all work itself out.
Better the red wire than the infusion set tubing. ;)
Oh and a thought that I had posted after your post about "Diabetes for the Day", but must have been lost in the electronic shuffle is that maybe the Insurance company execs should run through that "day" and throw in a low and a high just to give them a complete picture. ;P

Thanks for the positive feedback. We love to see another happy client. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Congrats on the Promotion Kerri!!! Well deserved!!! You bring SO much to the D-OC! ;-)

Sorry to hear of the website woes but in the end it will be worth the Cavewoman rants!

Keep us laughing girl.

Much Love. Congrats again.

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