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Should I Mention ...

Should I mention the fact that I spent almost all last night writing thank you notes for the wonderful gifts Chris and I have received over the past few days?  (Holy egg cooker - that thing is just remarkable!  If you don't have one, you should get one.  It's amazingly easy, even for someone who once lit the kitchen on fire making Pop Tarts in middle school.) 

Should I mentioned the four espresso martinis on Friday night and the cherry stem tying incident?  No, probably not.

How about mentioning all of the last minute little goodies that we are scrambling to finish these last few days before the wedding on Sunday, including placecards and finalizing the damn guest list for the upteenth time?

Okay, so I definitely won't mention the fact that my wedding is in six days.  If I mention that, I might be blinded by the force of my own grin. 

Instead, I'll mention that this cartoon (hat tip to Lester22) that made me laugh out loud first thing this morning, and was passed around my office faster than you can say "diabetes management."


I'll check in later with more brain melty moments.  ;) For now, I must prepare for being out of the office for almost two weeks and get myself ready for the biggest weekend of my life!


You absolutely can learn to cook - anyone can. Just find some basic recepies to try and go from there.

Mmmm, espresso martinis.


Enjoy the whirlwind. Keep us posted on the brain-melty moments (they are always cute and funny). And you'll be relaxing on your honeymoon before you know it. Where are you going, btw? :)

We're so excited for you Kerri!


I wish you a smooth, seamless wedding day. Best to both you and Chris!


You'll be fine, Kerri. Take it from this pro. Ha!

(I really should have registered for an egg cooker...)

Hi Kerri, Congrats you have made it. I will be thinking about you and wishing for really nice weather. Good Luck and God Bless you both.

Warmest congrats! Soon you will be wife and hubby! Enjoy the special celebration of love.

Enjoy it all you guys. I know others will think it's their party, but it's truly all about the both of you. Don't let any last minute problems get to you and have a BLAST!

That cartoon is awesome!!

(and the egg cooker was the universal choice of the coworkers! :D )

That comic is still making me laugh. :)

Placecard fun! Gotta love it!

Kerri, it is easy to say but tough to do; please make sure you enjoy your wedding instead of worrying about how the event is coming together. The day is for you guys, when the day starts the planning is over and I would be unhappy to hear that stress over the event detracted from your enjoyment. Don't ask me how I know...

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