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Good n' Fruity.

When I left work last night, I was en route to running a number of wedding errands.  First stop was Bed, Bath, and BEYOND (what is the "beyond" part anyway) to pick up a few things for our trip.  Felt fine walking around the store, but as I was waiting in line to check out, I was immediately hit by a weird headache, dizziness, and started to feel sweaty. 

Quick meter consultation:  91 mg/dl.

"No way.  No way am I ninety-one.  I must be dropping like a rock."  (People have most likely realized I'm crazy, since I'm constantly muttering to myself.)  Scanning the checkout line, I don't see much in the way of food.  Shouldn't that be part of the "beyond"?  Teeny cheese grater, wine cork with a plastic man on top, a bag to wash unmentionables in so that the dryer doesn't eat them ... where are the snacky bits in this blasted establishment?

I grab the closest food-like item I can spy:  a box of Good n' Fruity candies that look as though they were shipped to this particular B,B & B in 1987.  Cracking it open, I chomped on a few while the cashier rang out my purchases.  I wasn't going to ignore the classic "low blood sugar" symptoms, even if my meter said I was fine.

A cure in every box!

Out in the car, I was less fine.   Still shaky, still dizzy, now 58 mg/dl.  Have a few more of those moldly old Good n' Fruities.  Fifteen minutes passes and I lance my finger again - 54 mg/dl.  Oh for crying out loud.  I check the glove compartment for my glucose tabs - nothing.  I forgot that I moved them to my gym bag for my workout the night prior.  It's just me and these fruity good things.

Another handful.  Two more handfuls, just for good measure.  It's now been 40 minutes since I rang in at 91 mg/dl.  Isn't this straight sugar?  I test again - 68 mg/dl.

"Are you serious?  Be less good and fruity and be more glucosey and sugar-crammed!"  I gobble down two more handfuls.  More than 2/3 of the box is gone at this point.   I wait (not) patiently, making phone calls to my friends while my blood sugar plods back into range.

Finally - 76 mg/dl.  I'm comfortable driving with that number.

Two hours later, 84 mg/dl.  

Three hours later, 93 mg/dl. 

I'm convinced those Good & Fruity candies were nothing but capsules of insulin with a sugar coating. There is NO WAY I should have been anywhere even close to "in range" after consuming a massive box of them.  I can't figure out what was keeping me running so low for such a long period of time.  Persistent little sucker. 

So note to readers - if you're ever stuck with only these G&F's as your low blood sugar treatment option, beware.  They apparently have a cure tucked in that box somewhere.  ;)

(Oh Google, go ahead and have your way with that phrase.  No, Good & Fruities don't cure diabetes.  They don't even taste good.  Give me Twizzlers any day.)  


Funny, I was just at my local Bed Bath & Beyond on a broiler pan hunt a couple of days ago. I saw a gazillion jelly belly's at the counter. They would have done a better job!

I hate that feeling of dropping (or rising) so quickly that you feel like crap. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. The meter says fine, but you know better!
If Good & Fruity candies have the cure, send me a whole case!

LOL A funny ending to a scary situation.

I think the beyond is all that "as seen on tv" crap. I hate the beyond part.

What a pain in the ass to have to wait so long to finally hit the road after treating your low. Damn you, Good and Fruity!!

So help me if someone like an "anonymous" commenting know-it-all says to always be prepared and always have tabs or juice on hand.

So help me....

If this is what you ate the problem might be that one box only has 15 carbs and when you are that low you might need real food. :(


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 box / 17g

Amount per Serving

Calories 60 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Monounsaturated Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 10mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 15g 5%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Protein 0g 0

Can we say S-T-R-E-S-S? Emotions running amuck? Sorry, social worker in me coming out, but I promise you, less than a week from your wedding and diabetes is affected by things other than food and exercise... Good for you for not driving, I hate to admit, I would have driven straight home, while pouring the box of candy in my mouth!

It seems to me in my experience with D, that the following is true. The brain knows a fast dropping sugar faster than the meter can read it sometimes. I have no explanation except to say I know it happens. Shannon, those who give such advice as "always be prepared" don't get it. It's called life. Always never happens.
Insulin capsule wrapped in sugar. ROLMAO! Too funny.
Now me, I take Mike and Ike's (I am too cheap to buy glucose tabs)they work good and they taste so fine

Yeh, Next time check the total carb label on back, smart of you not to drive. Good Girl!! And lets be real not everyone carries glucose tabs w/them in every bag we own, I mean cry out loud that would be a whole case.
I have been in this predictament with my son in the back seat, I just prayed to God Let me make it to the drive way.

Yikes, I hate that type of lows. Otherwise is the threatened cold gone?

Carry some smarties. They're easier to eat than glucose tabs, though a little hard (and noisy) to unwrap.

You can get a big bag for $0.99 at almost any large store and they're mostly dextrose. Each roll is about 6g.

two comments; first for Kerri, the beyond is for it's beyond believable how they can charge so much for their items and the second for karen - when you're that low the last thing you want is real food, you want nothing but glucose. that's what Kerri was going for. You don't want anything that will hinder the glucose getting to you(like fat), so the good and plenties were a fine choice . And if it were a regular sized box of good and plenty it would have have more like 37g of carbs. 15g would be probably a small snack sized box. :)

We were at the BB&B in Milford on Saturday and they suddenly have a whole section of the store dedicated to Harmon (drug store) stuff. Is that the Beyond? Of course, they didn't have any good selection for the Bed / Bath stuff I was looking for. Hrrfff.

Those stubborn lows are such a drag. Hang in there, honey. This time next week you will be relaxed and happy - and I bet your blood sugars will even right out. :)

Don’t know if you have experienced this but every spring as the days get longer and the weather warms up I tend to have many more hypos. You would think that after several decades I would remember this and make adjustments, but no. I have to go through a spring time low before I remember.

When all else fails, I turn to my low-BG atom bomb...Pop-Tarts.

Just be thankful for instincts and quick action. This could have been a lot worse, right? I know it must've been unnerving, but way to avoid a disaster.

You only have one pack of tabs around? We have so much stuff laying around, we always have something close by. Juice, tabs and candy in both cars and all backpacks, bags, etc.

Glad you're ok and congrats on the wedding.

Yo Kerri -

Back off on the Basal rates until after the wedding. Stress is clearly messing with the numbers

Wait Wait

you sure you don't have some mutant form of this stuff


Whenever I have a series of lows like you have had this week, my mom thinks that I have suddenly been cured of diabetes!! Perhaps that's coming as a wedding gift?? ;)

I think they say "Beyond" because "Bed, Bath and Kitchen Stuff" doesn't have a nice alliterative ring to it. ;)

And for the record, as stated by Toki of Dethklok on the show "Metalocalypse", "They should make insulin-flavored candies."


I meant the box of good n' fruity followed by some real food to keep you up and not drop again.

I tried to do the same thing with a big ol' movie theater sized box of dots. It took forever and of course no one eats dots and they don't expire so they were a little bit tough to chew. So now I avoid the Good N Plenties, Dots, Tamales...I go right for the Whoppers.

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