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Brain Skippies.

Monkeys are very talented writers.It's been a day of 'brain skippies' for me, where I have every good intention to accomplish something in full, only to be thwarted by my own rambling mind.  I'm remembering only most of what I'm intending to remember. Case in point:

Exhibit A:
"Did you call the church and check on the payment for the officiant?"

"I called the church.  I forgot to ask that part."

(Now that's not a big deal - forgetting to ask one part of a multiple-parted question.  However, my brain is skipping some steps on more autonomic things.)

Exhibit B:
I remove my meter from the case, lance my fingertip, apply blood to the strip, wait for result, remove strip, rezip case, put meter away.

Then I realize, about five minutes later, that I did not look at the result.  So I have to bust out the meter again and scroll back through the memory.

Exhibit C:
I've been sitting here, at my desk, with headphones on for the last 20 minutes.  Yet I forgot to put the music on.  So I'm just hanging out with the earbuds in, like teeny decorative earmuffs.  I do this all the damn time.  I'm starting to wonder what's wrong with me.

Bit silly there, eh?  I can't imagine what the inside of my brain looks like right now.  Monkeys wearing wedding gowns, typing furiously on ancient Smith Coronas?  With the wedding only five days away and the to-do lists not short enough these days, I'm starting to get a little mixed up and tangled in my tasks.

However, we did settle on a first dance song - The Luckiest, by Ben Folds.  It's pretty, it's plain, and it means something to both of us.  My dress is completely pressed and lovely and waiting at my mother's house for me, complete with perfected pump pocket.  And we've just finished up all the bridal party gifts (I'll disclose those after the wedding - don't want to spoil the surprise!).  We're almost ready for this big day.  I can't believe it!!


It will all be over soon. And then maybe your brain can stop skipping! :) I've checked my blood sugar, went to get food, and then checked it again cause I forgot I did it the first time. That's always fun. :)

Exhibit B & C are completely normal so don't worry about that. Hopefully your brain will get it together by Sunday so you can enjoy the day fully! Good choice on the Ben Folds song, I can see the guests crying already.

Wow you're holding up well compared to other brides to be I've known! This week will probably be a blur to you when you look back on it!

Remember to take some time out for you! You'll cope with the load a lot better if you give your brain & body some thinking space :)

Great choice of song! It's gunna be such a cool wedding, I can't wait to hear all about it :)

Kudos on the song. I would be a happy, weepy mess were I there to hear it. :)

I second exhibit b being quite normal.

That and having trouble remembering random three digit numbers (like a parking space at a mall...) because there are too many other random three digit (sometimes two digits, on a good day) numbers floating around my head.

Sounds like a normal day for me, wedding or not ;-) Seriously, this too shall pass!

lol, the skippies happen to all of us. yesterday i needed to change my infusion set and it wasn't until a couple of hours later that i realized i hadn't taken off the old site after the switch. and that's without a wedding just days away.

Any day now you'll be a wife.

There have been numerous times when I'll be pressing the button to change the car radio stations...press...press...press. Meanwhile the radio hadn't been turned on.

I'm getting excited. I can't wait to see tons of pictures of the wedding!!

Great song!!

FIVE DAYS! I can't believe it's so soon... Congrats, Kerri!


Man, this brings me back - ha ha.

Enjoy the next few days...no, next couple weeks. :)

I suspect you are close to the same state I was when my husband and I decided to elope.

My boss took one look at me after I asked for the afternoon off to get a marriage license, and sent me home on the stop.

I thought it was just me that did blood tests only to realise 5 mins later that I didn't look at the result!

And Bek, that's so reassuring re the infusion sets - I changed mine the other day and discovered an hour later that the entire previous set, including tubing and empty reservoir was dangling down the inside of my trouser leg! Its good to know I'm not alone!

Have a fabulous wedding Kerri

Great song choice. Soak it all in. Congratulations in advance.

Cool song! Try not to worry too much about the small stuff. Things will fall in place nicely! I'm excited for you! :)

Oh, Kerri, that song is gorgeous. I would be blubbing like a baby.

Hey, this might help:

Ben Fold Rocks! I hope your day is wonderful! Best wishes!

great choice on the wedding song!

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