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Sleep - UR Doin It Wrong.

I've been trying to keep to a recognizable schedule for the past few weeks and my body has thanked me for it.  Just a handful of lows, no highs over 200 mg/dl, and the bags under my eyes have shrunk down to "clutch-sized" (vs. the "teacher tote bag" size they had achieved in prior weeks). 

I opted to stay in CT this past weekend and finish an enormous project that was looming over my head.  Chris headed off to RI by himself, so I had a weekend of quiet solitude and no distractions.  I worked all day on Saturday, taking short breaks to visit my local Borders and then the little coffee shop down the street to grab a cup of tea and read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.  (Remarkable book, remarkable writer, devastatingly sad story.  Now that I've read the book, I am allowing myself to see the movie.)   My weekend was an odd blend of relaxation and focused work, keeping me up until all hours of the night on Saturday.

So, at 2:30 am, when I decided it was time to break for the night and crawl into bed, I was ready to sleep.  The bed was empty, save for two down comforters and a cozy throw blanket.  (We like lots of blankets to hide under.)  I rested my head against the pillow and readied myself to sleep.

Then I heard it.

This steady wheezing sound coming from the corner of the room.   Faint at first, it steadily grew in volume. 

"Zzzzzzzzz ... zzzzzzz." 

I sat up in bed and stared into the corner of the bedroom.  There, on the floor, was a mess of chubby, muliticolored Abby cat, curled up against the floor board and snoring.  Real-deal snoring with every breath.  

"Zzzzzzzz ... zzzzzzzzz."

I hopped out of bed and grabbed her fluffy self, plunking her down on the edge of the bed.  From my past experiences with Abby's snoring problem, having her up on the bed stops her from making that baby buzzsaw noise.  I settled back in, anticipating that the problem was solved.

Until she took it upon herself to sidle up to the top of the bed, flop down on my pillow, and resume her snoring - but this time, with one paw on my face.

"Ridiculous.  This is ridiculous.  Abby, just because Chris is away doesn't mean you can slop all over the bed.  Stop snoring!"  Yes, I said this to her.  Yes, I talk to animals at 2:30 in the morning.  That's what you do.

Her response:  "Zzzzzzz ... zzzzzzzz ... meow."

Grumbling, I moved over to the other side of the bed.  She continued to snore.  I poked her in the belly.  She meowed, all grumpy, and stretched out.  Then continued to snore. 

"Abby, stop snoring!"  I picked her up and put her on the floor.  She toddled off (all 16 pounds of her) and hid under the bed.  Where she started snoring again, louder this time, and completely out of my reach.  Damn crafty cat - apparently she's the one teaching Siah all her tricks.  Good thing these critters are cute, or I'd have already sold them to any bidder.

Abby the Snoring Cat.

On Sunday morning, I slept in until almost 11 o'clock.  Weekends are just awesome, especially the ones spent at home, doing whatever I want in accordance with whatever schedule I wanted.  How was your weekend?


That's too funny! Abby is a beautiful cat. I love calico kitties.

I used to have a wacky Siamese who would sleep on my chest. She would purr when she was happy, and drool. Drool, purr, drool drool purr, all over mommy (me) until she decided she wasn't happy and then she'd bite. Fun kitty.

Oh, God, blasted cats...ours decided to meow his little striped ass off this morning at 6AM. Over and over again. When neither of us had to get up until 7:15. Ugh (;-)

I'm kindof surprised that Siah wasn't up to her usual antics this weekend

LOL "teacher tote bag". I love it.

Great! I am knee-deep in Schuyler's Monster. May have stayed up a little too late reading it on Saturday night considering I woke up at 1 pm on Sunday wondering what happened to the morning.

a whole lot of sleep and not much else. And none of it has to do with cats. ;)

"Teacher tote bag?" Too damn funny. (and to think, you've never even seen what I carry back and forth to work every day).

Aren't weekends at home the best?

my weekend was strikingly similar. i will see the diving bell and the butterfly soon, and i read that book many years ago when it first came out (paying full price for the hardcover, which i very rarely do), and was so taken by the story i told everyone i knew about it.

i'm happy and amazed it's a movie. it's not the type of story i felt lent itself to the screen, but from the previews it looks absolutely stunning.

Hi Kerri,
I just found your site and love it. I've been a diabetic since I was nine, and find my attitude about it comes in waves. I've been on the down-side of a wave lately. I'm looking into the mini-med pump with the CGM built in. We'll see, I've tried the pump before and just didn't embrace it, but that was over 5 years ago.

I also have many kitties. There are eleven neighborhood strays i feed, and two inside babies: Iggy who loves to sleep on my head, and Myrna who prefers a slumber between my knees.

Thanks again for your great blog, I plan to visit often.



abby is cute

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