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One Year.

We hiked up the trail to Ram Head, on the southernmost portion of St. John.  We had an intimate dinner on the porch of our eco-cabin

And after dinner, Chris asked me to marry him.

Today marks one year since Chris and I got engaged.  Our wedding is in 59 days (thank you, Facebook countdown that pings me every morning) and we're wrapping up so many of the final details now.  The invitations are being FedEx'd to my office tomorrow morning and we're sending them out on Saturday.  The wedding shower has been planned.  The bachelorette party is ... well, that's in full swing, too.  We've booked our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.  My dress is having the finishing touches put on the pump pocket next week and I'm choosing my veil this weekend.  We're ordering our wedding rings on Saturday. 

(And I finished my March Madness bracket this morning, just in time for the 11 am deadline.  Priorities, no?)

But now the wedding is so close.  Just a few weeks away.  We've been engaged for a long time.  But if I think back to that night in St. John, I can clearly remember the shock of seeing him on one knee with that red box in his hands.  I remember seeing how happy he looked and how shaky my hands were when he put the ring on my finger.  My stomach still jumps a bit remembering these moments. 

Our wedding day will come and go (and hopefully I'll remember the majority of it).  But I'm looking forward to a long and happy marriage with Chris, one where we will celebrate successes together, comfort each other during moments of challenge, and laugh our heads off at all of life's silliness. 

Cheers to you, my future husband.  And to our long and happy life ahead. I love you dearly.

The beach in RI that I went to as a kid.  :)


Wow you guys are really rushing this! NOT.

Your brain must be whirling right now. I hope the remaining 2 months aren't too hectic for both of you. I wish you moments of peace and tranquility from now until then.

Awww, how sweet. I also remember when my DH asked me to marry him like it was yesterday :) Hope you both make some more special memories in the coming months and years!

It goes by quickly, that's for sure! Just remember to take the time to enjoy it. Every bit of it. Congratulations!

How great! I'm so happy for you and wish you years and years of happiness. These last few weeks will fly by and you'll by a Mrs. before you know it. :)

Congrats, K.

It thrills me to no end to hear a bride talk about final touches on a pump pocket. Yet another way that diabetes hides in the fabric (literally this time).

Much love to you and Chris!!!

I was just talking to a co-worker the other day about how it's been almost 1 years since I came to NYC for my job interviews, right as I was graduating from college.

It's amazing what can happen in one year, and yet I clearly remember how anxious and fretful I was about everything.

I can't wait to see pictures and I hear the DR is great! Another co-worker was just there for spring break.

Awww. You two are so cute! I hope you have many, many wonderful years to remember your wedding day. Wishing you both nothing but the best.

Wow! Already a year? Crazy how times flies on this internet thing.

Congrats Kerri and Congrats to Chris.

You are both getting an amazing spouse!

This post makes me want to have a General Foods International coffee.

The next thing you know, you'll both be married for 12 years.

I was engaged for 2 yrs and never thought my wedding would see the light of day. I wanted to get married, dammit!

And now here I am married for over 12 years already. It's amazing how time has flown by.

I cant believe that its weeks away.....im sooooo excited.....im so happy for you and chris...its going to be great and so much fun and i know you are going to look so beautiful....love ya...


All i can say. Actually not me as they say in space balls LUDACRIS SPEED!

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