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Worst News Story - EVER.

This is easily the most distressing news story I have ever read:  Bride dies during marriage's first dance

According to the article, "During the couple's first dance, Sjostrom complained of being lightheaded. Efkarpides thought his wife, a diabetic, needed sugar, but she collapsed."  She was a type 1 diabetic in her 30's.

I have a whole Philadelphia wrap-up ready to post, but this tragic wedding story deserves both our attention and our prayers for their family. 


This story scared me so badly this morning. At first I thought it was just another Type 2 story, but the fact that she was so young and a Type 1 really hit home. I can't even imagine what her family is going through. It's so devastating, my thoughts are definitely with her family.

Oh shit. I saw the headline this morning but never read the story, so I had no idea about her being T1.

So incredibly heartbreakingly sad.

I'm sure we're not getting the whole story--she may have suffered from some other, unrelated problem. Still it's no help to her poor family. My thoughts are definitely with them.

This is a harsh reminder of how serious this disease really is.

I try so hard every day to tell myself that Riley will be OK, that he will lead a normal life.

Then, I read a story like this and all my worst fears come flooding back.

My heart and prayers goes out to that woman's family.

I know, I read that story yesterday and was so saddened to hear about it! I believe she had heart disease as well, but I can't believe she died on her wedding day.

I saw this too, K... Ugh.

I also saw some wholly ignorant comments on a couple of the news sites it was posted on... Along the lines of "Steel Magnolias and not trying to get pregnant..."

I HATED seeing this today... It made me enormously sad. :(

I'm praying for them.

I heard about this in my office. So sad and horrible.

My heart goes out to that poor husband.

I read about this on yahoo this morning. So sad, the whole family is my thoughts and prayers.
I did not read about the "Steal Magnolia" comments that Nicole P mentioned, but I felt that the news media didn't need to take that route.

Diabetic or not, we need to live our lives to the fullest and tell the people in our lives how much them when we see them.

I saw it last night, unfortunately just before going to bed. And out popped that little troll from under the bridge, saying "ha ha - you think things keep getting better but people still die young from db - even on their wedding day - boy have I fooled you....."
I haven't been this disturbed in some time - a few years, in fact. I continued to think about it throughout today. It is rage inducing and frightening. I hate diabetes.

How very sad.

Again, seems like a pre-existing heart condition unrelated to D is what caused her death.

But sad, definitely.

Completely heartbreaking.

What a cruel twist of fate. I happen to read that story as I was watching "Romeo and Juliet" the ballet version on Milwaukee Public Television. A sad irony.

I know heart disease is the #1 killer in America but you just don't think it will hit a young woman, and sometimes, with diabetes, I just think isn't one disease bad enough?!? Why do we have to have multiple issues?

What a sad end to a life and to a literal poster child of type 1. Her poor husband and family. What a tragedy.

I read it also. I was so very sad. It worries me about my health. It makes me wonder how my heart is! And if she had health problems from not taking care of herself...
I prayed for her husband yesterday. I feel so bad for him.


That's just terrible. The poor man.

How awful. This has left me numb.

After I read this story I immediately called my husband and freaked out. It really scared me, I am a thirty-year old woman, could happen to me. But more then anything I felt really sad for her husband. My prayers to him and her family.

Oh no. How tragic. Definitely keeping her family in my thoughts today.

Such sad news. We've been praying for her husband and family.

This is really a very sad story, however, it is stories like this one that should make us immediately
take our diabetes and heart problems as seriouly as we should. I know that in the past, I didn't take my diabetes so seriously. Then, I had a friend that lost her leg, then her life. I realized at that time this is a killing disease if we don't treat it as we should.

My deepest sympathy for this Family. GOD be with them,giving the courage and faith to hold strong with each other. You have My Prayers. GOD BLess


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