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Siah Gets Mail.

It's been wild at work this week already, from seminars in NYC to the new dLifeTV season to the Great Chili Cook-Off (more on that later).  I've been a bit short on time lately, but I have plenty of posts in my mental queue that I just need time to write up.

While I was going through my mail today, I noticed that I received a direct mail campaign from dLife.  It wasn't until several hours later that I noticed who the envelope was actually addressed to:

Siah gets mail.  Of course she does.

I know it's been a crazy day when the cat getting mail seems somewhat normal. 

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It probably won't be long before Siah gets mail about being preapproved for a credit card.

I smell a Prankster.

LMAO! That is awesome. Who knows, maybe Big Ed will deliver an oversized Million Dollar check for Siah!


You'd think the person would realize the name "Siah Sausage" is not a real name! Haha.


Siah and her secret dLife account. well, not anymore.

can you please mail my cat a letter? he'd love it. haha.

Addressed to Moo Johnson.

I should have 'splained better. I signed Siah up for an account when I was doing beta testing for Blogabetes. I totally forgot that a direct mail campaign is automatically generated. Hence, the cat getting mail.

Rachel - It was a secret until Siah accidentally sent an email to the IT department. I outed myself months ago. ;)

But does she have her own Facebook account?!

And for the record, that address is not my home address. I'm a bit flighty these days, but I'm not a complete idiot. :)

That is fabulous! The cat got mail.... be sure to cut up all the credit card applications. You wouldn't want Siah to go on a spending spree of kitty kibble and cat nip.

Well, Siah Sausage has hit the big time! Now kitty will have a Visa with a $50,000 credit limit!

aww thats too cute!! :)

i received that same envelope today in the mail too, theres a lot of great information!! :]

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