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Owning It.

Diabetes is more than than results on my meter,
Or keeping my blood from becoming much sweeter.
It's more than the insulin, more than the food,
So much of my management stems from my mood.

I'm usually chipper, I'm real quick to smile,
But sometimes, when my sugars are running all wild,
I find myself feeling like Ms. Crumbs Morrone,
And I just want to leave this disease all alone.

Mananging numbers that just won't behave!
Feeling I'm spending far more than I've saved.
The more that I focused, the worse it became
Until I realized it is me that's to blame.

Overthinking this stuff makes my head implode
My emotions go into toxic overload.
So while I'm maintaining a top-notch Kerri,
I need to remember my health, mentally.

So this morning, I woke with a cat on my head,
I kissed my fiance and rose from the bed.
I took a long shower, wiped steam from the mirror,
And suddenly everything seemed a bit clearer.Phew - thought I lost these.

It is a disease, just a small part of me.
I'm  more than my numbers and my A1c.
I don't need to give up my life for these reins.
It doesn't define, it just helps explain.

I shook off the mood that has eaten my week,
I left behind panic and embraced the "tweak."
I'll handle these numbers with grace and with rhyme,
And make myself healthy, one day at a time.

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I really admire your spirit, Kerri! That poem brought a smile to my face!

Good for you! It's hard when the line between defining and explaining you starts to blur.
Loved the poem!

Bravo! Well put Kerri

very clever miss kerri!

wow...that was amazing. very well written kerri! ur a pro..obviously :)

Kerri, each time I visit your site, I love how you seem to explain things right.

thanks a bunch for making me laugh constantly, not to mention my introduction Chai Tea.


Days like this are good for diabetics. To remember that outside of a "condition" (I prefer this over "disease")for which you have full control over, you are a capable, happy, healthy, regular 'ol human being! This is a way of life. Hell, you're likely healthier than more non-diabetics you know.

For all of us - don't overthink or submerse yourself into diabetes tunnel vision. We have so many freedoms afforded to us that weren't available when I was diagnosed in 1976. Do what you love and all will fall into place.

That said, I will disconnect for a copule of hours tomorrow and enjoy some time with my beloved surfboard!

It's all good.

Hehe... hi Kerri! Feel free to add me to the roll, and check out the full eyebrow story back on my blog (just posted it, especially for you!). Thanks for the warm welcome!

VERY nice poem!

I'm actually rapping it in my head while I read it and flows quite well...

Maybe I'll record it, make a hip hop beat behind it and send it to you for kicks.

Unless you'll be incredibly offended by that. Then forget I ever suggested it.

But if not, let's talk. haha.

Awesome poem, Kerri. It gave me a lift today!

Great stuff.

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