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Bit of a Sloppy Start.

Last night, moderation wasn't exactly the secret word of the day.  In the company of friends, we ate too much, we drank too much, and starting from 7:30 at night and spanning well into the wee hours of the morning, we laughed our heads off.

Maybe that's why my head hurts a small bit today?

Regardless of the empty Corona bottles we left in our wake, my blood sugars remained freakishly steady, holding between 89 mg/dl and 190 mg/dl and never hitting that "drinking low" that I sometimes encounter.  And we had a damn good time. 

2008 was rung in with style last night - dinner at Paragon in Providence, a few hours at the bar, and then a house party - and now I need a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow, once the elephants in my skull stop trampling on my remaining brain cells, I will have something productive to offer. 

Until then, Sausage says happy new year, too.

Happy New Year, from Siah.

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happy new year, kerri!
sounds like you had a blast. good news on the bloodsugar front, too. that is always a relief.
Take care!

hey, you could be worse off - you could be me, thinking I was feeling better, so I celebrated the New Year in style. Only to feel much much worse yesterday. And today. You'd think after almost 32 years (and almost 12 of those drinking...err 11 YEAH I started drinking when I was 21, uhhuh - I lived in WISCONSIN for goodness sake), I'd realize that I don't have to be loopy to enjoy New Year's.

Amylia - Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too!

Rachel - Ugh. I have no idea how it happened but all of a sudden, Chris and I were messy. It was fun, though! (Until the next day, when it was a bit less fun.) Usually, though, I'm not loopy at all on New Year's. This was a bit of an exception. ;)

As for me, I spent the night at home with my family. I am getting over this congestion/cold that is going through the midwest. I was in bed asleep at 10:00, my wife and youngest daughter watching Transformers (Shilo is soooo cute according to my 14) and me oldest daughter (16) was over at a friends house after work - home by 1:00 am... We have celebrated our share and most likely our childres share of New Years Day Hangovers (I'm 46) Most rememberable, some forgetable, some more just forgotten. Well I guess I am one of the luckier ones of us who is a "Late Starter" with JD and that is not Jack Daniels, not being diagnoised with JD until I was 25. Looking forward to starting my 722 in six more day....
Just wishing you all a Happy New Year.
Be Blessed,

glad you had fun...
I like to joke that drinking is good for my blood sugar. I was saying that on new year's eve too, I stayed between 97 and 165, it was great (especially after worrying that high blood sugars and feeling sick would interrupt a fun night since that's been happening a lot lately). It's kind of a joke, because I realize the risks and it doesn't always work out good... but sometimes I think it seems to help. Partly because when I'm out with friends and drinking, I tend to do more dancing and running around and less eating than when I'm not drinking.

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