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Uncle Traveling Matt ... and Kerri.

From the far corners of CT to the nooks and crannies of RI, we've done so much driving over the last few days that Uncle Traveling Matt has nothing on us. 

It's been a very nice Christmas holiday here at home, with some time spent catching up with Batman, NBF, and my college roommates.  We spent the holidays with our families, opening gifts on Christmas morning with my mother, having breakfast with my father, and a big family dinner hosted by Jenn (Chris's sister).

New Pump and I are hooked up and getting to know one another.  So far, it's been a very smooth and seamless transition.  (Seamless in the technological sense -- there were a few wild blood sugars moments over this holiday - more on those later.)  And like my fellow 522 pumpers, I'm enjoying being able to see the time without clicking the button to the left.  I'm touching base with my Minimed rep this week, so hopefully I'll be linked up with the CGM by next week at the latest.  Very excited to try that out. 

Yesterday, I managed to catch a hometown tradition on my camera - the Route 78 Christmas Tree.  Someone, no idea who, has been decorating a pine tree on the side of a highway in my hometown.  Every holiday season, this tree ends up with tinsel and ornaments on the lower portion of it.  I don't know who has been decorating for the last ten years, but every year I'm impressed at the continuation of this bizarre tradition. 

On Christmas morning, we pulled over on the highway and snapped a quick picture.  I love odd little holiday traditions.

The mysteriously decorated tree on Route 78.
We're driving home to CT in a few hours, so this is my quick internet stop-over before the long drive.  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I'll be back to regularly-scheduled blogging tomorrow.


I LOVE Fraggle Rock! I recognized the name of Uncle Traveling Matt right away! :)
I am glad the pump transition has gone well for you. Good luck with the CGMS!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

holly's favorite fraggle was Red, so i have watched all of the episodes. so where's the postcards like Uncle Traveling Matt?

Glad the pump transition went smoothly.

Didn't you have a Dexcom? What happened to that, just out of curiosity.

Also our of curiosity, have you had luck with insurance funding?

Oh my gosh!

I loved Uncle Traveling Matt! My high school bio teacher looked just like him which was kinda distracting!

Hope you had a great Christmas!

We did the long drive home today (5 hours), but I still have a 12 hour day of flying, layovers, and time changes ahead of me on New Year's Eve.

not for nothing, but do you think the tree could be some rode side memorial to someone who died there? I find it a very odd thing on the MA highways that people decorate the sides of the roads with crosses and other ornamentation...to me this looks like that. Just thinking out loud..

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