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The Year in Review: Part One.

Year in Review:  Part One.To be consistent with last year, here are the first lines of a definitive post from each month in 2007:

January:  The microphone drops down and Mills Lane plucks it out of the sky.

February:  When I opened my email a few months ago and saw something from "Lisa," I sat there staring at the screen for a few minutes. 

March:  He insisted on making dinner, cooking up a meal of pasta accompanied by a bottle of wine, and we dined on the porch of our cabin, overlooking Salt Pond Bay and out to the southern-most tip of the island.

AprilWhile it left me be for the weekend, I had a very diabetes-bloggable evening.

May:  On a tip from Jill, I was itching for yet another new meter.

June:  The wheels on the grocery cart clatter against the store's tile floor as my Internal Motivational Speaker and My Stomach wage war inside my head.

July:  I was completely terrified of getting on the raft.

August:  "This is our new normal, our new way of dealing with life."

September:  (Cue sleezy saxaphone music, dimmed lights, and the extremely uncomfortable mental image of my mother reading this post.)

October:  "Just lift your arms up and ... okay, dive in!"

November: We were talking about meeting with Christel and how long she and I have both had diabetes. 

December: It had just opened two weeks ago, but the Christmas lights around the door and the promise of fine, French cuisine drew us in.

Thanks, 2007.  You've definitely filled my memory with good moments.


I must admit it: I loved the post about the French place. I will never look at a restaurant bathroom stall the same way again!

Happy New Year to you and your family ! Gosh is it really 2008 already ?!

My favorite is your post from March. I was so excited for you when I read it back then.

It still makes me teary-eyed now.

Happy New Year to you, Kerri.

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