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World Diabetes Day - The Debut

World Diabetes Day, November 14, 2007

For us, every single day is one with diabetes. 

Raise awarenessGet involvedMake a difference.


yay for spotlighting D365! (that's my little guys bag - bottom right corner)

I feel the same way. Thanks for featuring Diabetes 365.

WOW! Kerri, it's amazing what a picture and a couple words can do to a person.

"For us, every single day is one with diabetes."

That made me cry.

Thanks for bringing awareness to the D365 project.

Thanks for your continued advocacy for people with diabetes and diabetes related issues. I'll be in touch with you soon....

Dear Kerrie,

My three daughters (ages 11, 9 and 6) and I attended the World Diabetes Day in NYC today and it was amazing and inspiring! My oldest daughter has had type 1 diabetes for a little over two years and I thought it was worth taking the kids out of school for the day to be part of this momentus event. We all had a fantastic day and feel that great things are going to come from this movement towards global awareness of diabetes. The speakers were fantastic, Elliot Yamin performed his song, "Promise to Remember Me," we formed a blue circle on the lawn of the UN and then marched through NYC holding our JDRF signs and blue umbrellas. We got the attention of lots of folks (and a few annoyed looks from the lunch crowd). The day ended with a performance by Elliot Yamin at a restaurant on 59th St. (can't remember the name offhand, began with a "G," it's been a long day) lots of motivating speakers and lunch. The only disappointment was the attendance. We thought for sure that the event would be jam packed, being NYC and all. But the World Diabetes Day organizers didn't even give out all 700 blue umbrellas at the start of the event. Speaking of the organizers, they did a fantastic job! We need to get the word out and make sure our voice is louder and clearer next year. We need to get everyone on board to fight for the money to continue the research and find the cure!

What a great first hand account Susan. I can only imagine that in the coming years, it will grow beyond what we can even hope for. You and your daughters witnessed history today!

Kerri, I love coming here every day, but especially today- happy WDD!

yay thanks for supporting our project!

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