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What a Monday.

Thanks to this weird headache, the smidge of a fever I'm nursing, a 179 mg/dl for absolutely NO REASON, and those pesky white spots on the back of my throat, I'm off to the doctor to be tested for strep throat. 

Back in a bit.

(Whine, whine ... complain, complain.)


I know how you feel!

I've spent a miserable day battling with a hideous cold and a hacking cough - not the greatest in my line of work! And as for the blood sugars... UGH!

Hope you feel better soon.

Me too!

Except I am sitting at work whining! I blame the girl on my flight to Thanksgiving that coughed THE ENTIRE FOUR HOURS!!!

Oooh, opportunity to test the new camera.

Show the Sum Spots!

There are days that I wish we all lived very close to each other so we could sit around and chat. I'm very glad you and Caro and Sara live far away today.
Hope you ALL feel better soon!

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