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The Concoction.

Thanksgiving day was a combination of family, fun, and food.  Chris and I had the pleasure of seeing many members of our combined extended families for the first time in a few months, so it was a very nice holiday.

One stop on our Thanksgiving food trail.

For some reason, at my aunt's house, this strange discussion about what people would be willing to eat cropped up.  The discussion quickly spiralled out of control (as things often do), resulting in a dare and The Concoction:  a plastic cup filled with samples of each dish, mixed together with some olive juice, whipped cream, and a pickle.  My cousins and I sniffed the mixture before we offered it up to the brave contestants.  It smelled horrendous.  No way would I eat this - ever. 

Instead, my Uncle Mark battled my mother in a test of tastebud tolerance.

Uncle Mark takes the plunge.

"What do we win?"  Asked my mother before she took her bite.

"Ma - bragging rights.  What else is there?"


My mother takes the spoonful like a champ.

I'm proud to say that both Uncle Mark and my mom consumed The Concoction without gagging, and they are now branded as the toughest members of the family. 

Or at least until Christmas.


Nice shot Kerri and Mom....

"The Body of Christ"

Great pics! Ma ha
we're the first ones to comment :) yay

Oh my goodness, Kerri! That is so funny! Your mom is my hero, that lovely, free-spirited lady! Go, Mom! I think Chris is a lucky man to be joining such a fun, quirky, lovely family. The Concotion sounds utterly disgusting. I'm gagging just thinking about it!

Thanks for the story and the pictures. It made my morning!

Ooh ooh, I want some. :D Sounds like you had a great time. Your uncle and mom have definitely earned my respect.

LMAO @ Darrell's comment. I knew there was something familiar about that shot.

My best friend and I used to play that game when she'd sleep over....

We combined mayonnaise, butterscotch sauce, mustard, pickle juice, grape jelly, and something powdery.

I just remember eating it and gagging with a puff of powder popping out of my mouth.

You guys sound like a fun bunch at Thanksgiving.

It all ends up the same place, you know?


gross, gross, gross

The boys at Camp Joslin used to do this one-bowl breakfast thing - every item on their meal plan mixed together. Yum.

what a fun family! no way, no how, no sir could i eat that!

Having met your mom - this post doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

So funny.

No way I'd eat that! Kudo's to your mother and uncle :)

Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving.

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