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No Dessert 'Til Brooklyn.

I am a Country Mouse.  It's an undisputed fact. 

I find considerable joy on the almost-desolate beaches of Napatree Point in my hometown.  I like hiking.  I loved the trails in St. John and the question of "Has anyone been this way before me?"  The idea of my own personal greenhouse or garden makes me grin.   

So finding such excitement and possibility in the cityscape of NYC is a completely new thing for me.

Last night, Chris and I visited Brooklyn and dined out with Chris's friend from high school, MT, and his fiance Melissa.  Their neighborhood is very cool and had a tangible sense of community.  There was something so comforting about the streets lined with what looked like Boston brownstones, neatly wedged together like books in a shelf.  Their apartment was roomy and cozy and was the first piece of livable real estate I've had the pleasure of visiting in the NYC area (as opposed to the breadbox apartments with cubbyholes renamed as second bedrooms and a kitchen not nearly big enough for my poor fat cat Abby to slide into). 

We had dinner at this terrific French place in Park Slope called Moutarde.  Chris and I have both grown up in decidedly Italian households, with pasta dinners and homemade gravy.  But after our second French meal in a week (first at Les Halles), Chris is now a self-proclaimed Francophile.  Chris had the salmon and I had the hanger steak and green beans -- and yes, we dipped into the crème brulée again

For the record, I started this meal at a tenuous 73 mg/dl, but thanks to some bread and a quick This is just plain delicious.  And at least 4 units of insulin.swig of orange juice, I hit the ground running at 157 mg/dl.  I would have remained under 180 if it hadn't been for that blasted crème brulée, which tossed me up to 212 mg/dl before a soft landing at 98 mg/dl later in the evening.   

Generally, I have my meal plan under control and I'm able to deftly avoid temptations.  (I've even trained myself to substitute green beans for potatoes, which is remarkable considering how much I'd love potatoes.)  But something about going out to dinner makes resistance tougher for me. 

Dessert?  Sure, I'll have some of that deliciously creamy, sugar-filled concoction.  Twice.  In one week.  In my foolish mind, being "out to dinner" means that it's a special occassion and it's okay to splurge.  But with the frequency we've been dining out and the holidays looming like fat pants on the horizon, I need to be more mindful of the calories I'm reeling in.  And with my Joslin appointment right after Thanksgiving, it's important that I'm on the ball.

Mmmm.  It would be great if the whole ball was made of crème brulée.  

(Apparently I'm a Country Mouse with a newly-cultivated sweet tooth.)


OK, I'm here to sabotage (sabotage is a French word, you know) your dessert avoiding efforts.

You and Chris have to find a bakery that serves pain au chocolat. That was my favoritist of all time pastry in France.

I had it from a little bakery in Provence and another in Paris. The one in Provence was the best.

It's like a buttery, melt in your mouth, flaky croissant (only it's not shaped like a croissant...just flaky like one) that has bits of chocolate placed strategically throughout.

Baked goods are my weakness... chocolate croissants in particlar, Shannon!

I love muffins, scones, etc. Yummy! With the intense insulin resistance I'm experiencing in my third trimester, any little morsel of baked goods send me high for hours. It's so frustrating! I have to bolus several units of insulin at least an hour before eating something sweet, even with a blood sugar under 90 mg/dl. And that's just to avoid a going over 200 mg/dl!

So, Kerri, I say enjoy your share of sweets now, before you and Chris decide to start your family :)

"holidays looming like fat pants on the horizon"


MMmm. You're making me drool. A crème brulée sounds sooo good right now. Actually my biggest temptation right now is that wonderful eggnog. I can't resist. Also we've got this bakery that the most amazing home made huge cinnamon rolls. They just drip with frosting. Mmm. *Drools on keyboard* Oops. Need to stop thinking about that stuff. Anybody else drawn to eggnog?

I'm with you, and this doubly bad because not only do I have diabetes, I'm also a dentist! If I could find a way to transplant my sweet teeth out and replace them with non-sweet ones I would!

As for the pain au chocolat - eek! A shop two doors down from my practice does great pain au chocolat. One of the other dentists insists on buying them for me every morning. It is a good job we only work together one day a week, otherwise I would be the size of a house with an A1C off the charts!

Like you, I make excuses about occasions and it being ok to splurge, but the truth is resisting this stuff is just damn hard work and it tests me every day.

ahh...i want my own greenhouse, too. thanks for the links to the st. johns photos. breathtaking! eating out is tough. most people in taipei eat out once or twice a day. i have one burner to cook on. it makes eating well difficult. i have gained weight in taiwan. so much for the lightweight asian cuisine...not so much here.

oh,we are going to Mass General right after Thanksgiving for Noah. Wouldn't it be funny if we were in Boston the same day?

My sister lives in that neighborhood (about 2 blocks from Moutarde) - I'm definitely a country mouse too but that's the kind of 'city' I can manage... at least for a visit. You really can sense the community. And the restaurants, obviously, are plentiful and fantastic :)

PS John is going to the clinic on Monday - extending his New England trip to include an appt, because he's a Joslin boy forever ;)

Glad you enjoyed Mo-Tards.


All this baking talking is making my day seem very bleak. Especially after baking those sausage rolls last night and then watching my daughter head off to school with them this morning. Sigh.

My vote is to live off french baked goods together with liberal quantities of mine. What we really need is a delicious carb and fat free bread.

You’ve been tagged. Check my blog to see what to do next!

Not for posting

If you don't mind I am curious how long it took you to get from 212 to 98 ?

A "soft landing" for me it takes 4 hours with 12 units of Novolog.....assuming my fat intake was minimal.BTW, I'm type 2.

If this is too personnel, please excuse me and ignore my comments.

I tagged you for the 7 meme. Pls look at my blog if you are interested.

Moutard!! When we lived in Park Slope, we lived up half a block from Moutard and that was "our" place. I really miss it!

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