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Mish and Mush

Here's some random Saturday afternoon NaBloPoMo'ing:

There are always random links swirling around the editorial department.  Here's one of them (just about blew my mind) and here's another (almost made me throw up).  Complete the circle of oddness with this YouTube video and my brain has officially turned to mush:

Unfortunately, this clip will remain in my nightmares because the first cat looks exactly like a grown-up Sausage.

This weekend, I'm holed up and NaNoWriMo-ing until I've hit the mid-point of 25,000 words.  I am freaking determined.  Granted, I am already off to a bad start because I have been out to breakfast and shopping and exploring cafes in Wesport all day long, but I will do this.  Mark my (soon to be 25,000) words.

Until tomorrow ... when the plot will hopefully be thickened!


Ok, that second link... totally disgusting! :P

I'll be lucky to write 25,000 total at this rate...ah well...

Oh my! Those links! And double oh my--25,000 words.
You crazy, amazing woman!

OMG - ew. That second link is boogah.

Totally freaking gross.

It's so scary to think that the guy from the second link will probably procreate. ugh.

cats cats CATS
fly fly FLY

oh, I totally died on the whole NaNoWriMo thing.

on another note: ShoeBlogging? What? What on earth are you talking about?

Thanks for commenting!! But I am so confused...

In a sad and pathetic attempt to murder my writer's block, I checked my stats and saw people coming in from your post. I'm ridiculous, though, because I didn't notice that the post is a year old.

I'm not even attached to my brain at the moment. :P


i was so confused!

That first one was very cool. The second one, not so much. The third was just silly.

Good luck with NaNo. I'm not quite insane enough to attempt that one.

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