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Every Morsel.

From my family to my friends, to the stupid cats, to a career I enjoy, to the support of people (some of whom I've never even met), to opportunities I've earned, to failures I've learned from, to the man I cannot wait to call my husband ... I am thankful for every morsel of my life.

And here's hoping those morsels are low-carb, because today is going to be a challenge in numbers management.  :) 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving- enjoy them morsels!

Hi Kerry, just found your site after reading your diatribe article. Had to comment about thanksgiving...

I've been on a pump all of 6 weeks and tried my first square-wave bolus (minimed term), and did pretty well with all the snacks, meal and dessert. 172 after 2 hours, and 60 after 4 hours (which included a leisurely 1-hour walk through the neighborhood). A couple handfuls of chips fixed that and now I'm at 158 after 6 hours. I'll take it!

The posts I've read on your site are great and I think I'll be back. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours.


Happy Thanksgiving, Kerri. I'm glad the morsels of your life bring you gratitude and joy. Yay!

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