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Me and SuperG.

From the moment he came into the coffee shop, I couldn't keep the grin off my face.  His smile takes up his whole face and it's impossible not to return it. 

"Hi, George." 

"Hi!  it's so great to meet you."  He looks around the Starbucks and barely takes a breath.  "I never come here.  I have no idea what to order.  Hi!"

Having read his blog for almost two years, I had a strong sense of what SuperG would be like - funny, charming, and friendly.  And I was right on all counts.  George is one of those people you hope there are more of.  Aside from being very, very funny and completely silly and entertaining, George is one of the most genuinely warm people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

And he knows stuff.  Like phrases I've never heard before, but will make considerable efforts to implement.  Like "trip on this."  And "honking."  And making my voice drop, a la Vera DeMillo from "In Living Color," when I say we're "writers."

He made me laugh.  He made Chris laugh.  And I think he made himself laugh a few times, which made me laugh all over again.  It was a cycle of giggles, serious discussions, jokes, and grins that went on for several hours underneath the palm trees in Burbank.  We compared pump hiding spots. (I revealed that mine was tucked into my sock and George said that Master P was in his pocket, causing Chris to raise an eyebrow in alarm until I turned to him and said, "No, Master P is his pump.") 

I laughed so hard when Chris realized that George was the "ninjabetic." 

"Oh yeah!  You're the guy in the meter, too, right?"

We talked about George's band and how they're not named The High Fives, as I had thought, because, as George stated - "We're not a boy band."  We talked about dLife and Blogabetes, about our health goals, our diabetes fundraising walks, and I confirmed that Nicole is, indeed, as wicked cool in person as she is in her blog. 

Reading someone's blog on a daily basis and identifying with what they write and how they feel about your shared medical condition creates a bond that reaches beyond your basic, "Hi, nice to meet you."  It's like meeting someone for the first time that you've known forever. 

SuperG and Me.

Trip on this:  George, it was honking cool to meet you and you are such a wonderful guy.  Oh snap!


I've met a lot of D-bloggers, and SuperG is definitely one of my favorite experiences! I think we scared our waitress so badly with our hysterical laughing. I'm glad you and Chris had a great time as well, and it's a good thing you didn't make him meet you at the beach (did he tell you about that? He's scared of beaches. I kid you not.)

Great post Kerri. You had me laughing just hearing about meeting him :) Hope you guys had a great trip and that your sugars start settling down a little.

Honking, huh?

I am from CA, and I have never heard that. I think that may be a special ninja term.

Isn't George awesome?! I loved hanging out with him too! Even if he did spill his drink on me!

Aww, SuperG is reaching superstar status here in the OC. Love it. I'm glad you guys had a chance to meet. I haven't ever met anyone from the OC yet, but hope to when I'm not so flippin' far away (Taiwan).

Enjoy the rest of your stay, but good luck topping the SuperG visit!

Very cool! This is like the two D-blog superpowers meeting ... it just HAD to happen :)

I'm glad you two had a wonderful time!

Two of my favorite (online AND real life) people in one place. Amazing.

You know I adore you both into little tiny pieces, right?

And George is looking muscly ninja in that photo!

:D Oh, did this make me smile today.


I had so much fun! Thanks so much for hanging out and teaching me about Tai Chi or Chai Tea or whatever that spicy goodness was that you ordered for me! SaWeeT!!!!

I really had a great time!

What a great thing, meeting someone from online and realizing that you actually like each other in real life too! Just read George's blog too - sounds like a lot of fun!

To more and more D-meetings!!! :)

Tai Chi. Heh.

Aw, now I'm jealous. I wanna meet SupaG, too. Sadly, I don't think I'm going to be in California any time soon.

that sounds fun! glad you two got to hang out. i'm a lil' jealous of the real life D fun/support, i'll admit.

Sounds like a perfectly lovely time.

I was grinning ear to ear reading this! I can totally imagine how much fun it was.

I can't wait until we all get to meet!!

Speaking of Chai tea, I like to make a very low carb version at home using a cup of light soy milk, and a 1/2 cup of the sugar free Oregon Chai Tea concentrate. It is only 8-10 grams of carbs depending on the soy used, and if you "whip it" a little after microwaving, it is pretty good.

Your sock? How the heck does your pump reach all the way to your sock? Mine only gets as far as my knee!

I know that was totally thrown into the story as an aside, but it is tripping me up. :-)

I'm just so envious of both of you, and I really appreciate the blog posts and picture.

Kerri, I sounds like it was a blast. It lifted my spirits (and they weren't even down) just to read about it!

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