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Delurk Thyself!

Delurking!Well well!  I found this tidbit on Julia's blog, albeit at the end of the day:

Today is apparently DeLurk Yourself day!

Faithful Readers, I appreciate you to the very Nth degree.  ("Nth" means "to infinity," according to my old Highlights for Children magazine from 3rd grade.  Even though, to me, it would make more sense to have it be the Zth degree, it being the last letter of the alphabet and all.  But I've digressed yet again.  Imagine that?)  If you are feeling bold, delurk thyself and say hello.  Or whatever word strikes you.

I'll say the word "Oatmeal."  Because I'm about to eat some before I head off to the gym.  ;) 




I just got back from the gym - hence the word! :P

Bath, with handmade soap.


No comment. :^)


Hey, my dog's name was Cayenne. :) (She was a red Doberman-mix.)

Happy delurking day!


LOL! These random word selections are making me laugh. :)

For some reason, your feeds aren't showing up in Bloglines. I was starting to wonder what was going on...

Therefore, my word is perplexed. Are you perplexed? I'm perplexed. Perplexed, perplexed, perplexed.

sports! baseball, hockey, football..oh my.

(and phooey on oatmeal. raises my blood sugar to sky-high proportions.)

Yes I am a lurker and probably would have remained one if not for this post. lol

Anyways... 1st word that comes to mind


My Ipod just fell off the elliptical and now the screen is broken.

Oh by the way really enjoy your blog! Makes me feel a bit more normal in my crazy diabetic world!


Tomorrow is Friday!!!!



because the third of october is my birthday as well as delurking day.

by the way love this blog kerri! thanks.

i don't think i'm a lurker anymore since i seem to be commenting everywhere!

Better late than never.

Kerri, you rock!

Sweet cheese! (coined by a friend while eating dim sum)

Still here. Still love the blog.

(Going back to lurking and not leaving weird phrases as a comment. :) )

Delurking...Please wait while delurking occurs. :D

First comment ever!(for me anyway) Yay.

Kerri, I've gotta say you are a real inspiration to me. Your blog and LOL have been crucial to me getting back in the game of taking care of myself. Thank-you sooo much.

I'm late, but want to say that I love your posts.

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