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A Citizen.

Credit to the good ol' Boston Dirt Dogs

No time to blog today.  Too much going on at work and with everything else.  (Oh, but there is a new Generation D column about the ridiculous highs I've experienced over the last week.  Glad that trend has subsided.) 

Tomorrow, I will have to vent about some things I've been mulling over, but for today, it must be this:

Tonight, it's all about Red Sox Nation. 

Bring on Game One!


No, it's about Rocktober. ;)

Sox baby!!! Its about Papi, its about Manny (gosh I'd hate him if he wasn't on our side) its about cute as a button Pedroia, its about Beckett and its about Drew doing (finally) was he's been paid to do. Its about being my son growing up with a team of Sox who win rather than a team of Sox who we loved but lost.
This member of D nation is also part of Red Sox Nation.

I spent a half hour on the phone w/ DirecTV as our remote was dead - egads, a half hour before the game started. All fixed, watching the game and hoping the rain goes away!

I can't get my post to work over on the other site, so here's my comment regarding unexplainable highs, etc:

I was just telling my hubby the other day that if diabetes was as easy as following some guidelines/rules, then my A1c would be 5.0, but the thing that kills me most, and makes it SO HARD to deal with sometimes, is when it doesn't play fairly. I've been having an off couple of weeks too. They suck, and I can commiserate with everything you've said.

13 - 1, baby! It was almost embarrassing!

That is an amazing picture!

P.S. George e-mailed me about your shout-out. Thanks! Isn't he great?!

Yay! Sox win!

I am new to your blog and think it's terrific! Not only great info - but you're a Red Sox fan. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed for tonight.

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