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Workout Plateau

I'm bored at the gym.

I am there, though, working hard at least five days a week.   (As opposed to the lady I saw there yesterday who was just sitting on the bike and watching tv.  She was there for a full 45 minutes.  Just sitting there.  Not pedaling.)  I hit the treadmill.  I'm on the stepper.  I'm trying to make sense of the elliptical machine without looking like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.  (If you know where I can find a video clip of that, please let me know.  I've scoured the internet but came up with nothing.  And it's a very funny clip.)

The point is, I work out and push myself, but not as hard as I could be.  And I've reached a bit of a plateau.

It was at this moment of realization that the fictional phone rang.  (Ahem.)

Kerri:  Hello?

Larry Bird:  Kerri.  Hey!

Kerri:  Larry!  Oh my God, I haven't talked to you in ages.  What's up?  How's your weight?

LB:  Honestly, I've been up and down lately.  You know, all the cookouts in the summer and late nights out.  I'll tone back up this winter. 

Kerri:  Me, too.  I feel bored working out lately.  I've started changing my weight routine so that's more cardio-based, you know?  No breaks between sets.  It's exhausting!

LB:  Good move.  Tip from Chris?

Kerri:  Yeah.

LB:  I'm trying out pilates.  And yoga.  I'm feeling pretty Zen lately, Ker.  Soon I'll be back to practicing my three-point shots with my eyes closed.

Kerri:  Any suggestions on how to beat these workout doldrums, my friend?  I'm bored, dude.

LB:  Honestly?  I know you change your cardio workouts gently so you don't hit the hypos hard, but how about a new playlist for your shuffle?  Didn't you pick up a sweet shuffle from the AADE event?

Kerri:  That sounds good.  I've been listening to the Beastie Boys lately.  And mixing in some Arctic Monkeys.Where's Waldo Morrone?

LB:  Sometimes new music goes a long way.  How about some Kenny Rogers?  Man, I love me some Kenny Rogers.

Kerri:  He looks like my Spanish teacher from 8th grade.  But I'm not too into country music.

LB:  Well, find what works for you, Miss Kerri.  Whatever keeps you sticking with it.  I'll check in on you later.  Tell your mom I said hi.

Kerri:  Will do.  Thanks for calling, Larry.

LB:  No problem. 

Ah, Larry.  Thanks for seeing me through this bout with fitness fatigue. 


Have you tried taking a yoga class? I used to be a yoga-phobe, but now I am beginning to cross over to the zen side. I especially like the corpse pose, nice reward after bending yourself into weird shapes ;)

Good luck!

If you want to mix up your workout routine check out The Bar Method - www.barmethod.com(there's a studio in Wilton, CT - not sure where you are exactly in CT or if that's even close). I started doing it about a year ago in San Francisco and it's a great workout (and fun). It's a bit pricey (more price in CT than in SF) but i don't think it's more pricey than pilates. I HATE working out and this has been a good way for me to change things up a bit.

Kerri!! You don't know what you're missing. I beg you to buy Kenny's Greatest Hits. Every song is good. You will never want to stop working out if you're listening to this CD.

Sorry about the long link.

I guess the link didn't go through.

hey kerri,
I too get bored of moving in place in a little box especially after working in an office during the day, so I try to avoid it as much as possible when it's nice out (and instead bike to work or play frisbee or walk/run outside). But one thing that keeps me entertained in the winter is classes. If you belong to a gym they must have some kind of classes, right? I've had lots of fun (and was challenged in new ways) with kickboxing classes.

You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille...

Coward of the County....

The Gambler....


Oh, the Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits Collection... Shannon is right... AWESOME.

Good ole LB. Always good for a little pep talk.

And Kerri - you look EXACTLY the same as you did back at that Celtics vs. Lakers game!


I agree with Larry. Kenny is the man. I mean, have you heard Ruben James? That song is awesome!

Wow, how did you score those seat Kerri? Nice! :Þ

Dropkick Murphys - Shipping Up To Boston.
House of Pain - Jump Around. The Pogues - Sickbed of Cucchaillain and/or Bottle Of Smoke and/or Turkish Song Of The Damned.
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats.
Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way.
Eminem - Lose Yourself
Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started
Van Halen - Panama or Jump
Destiny's Child - Survivor
Maroon 5 - Harder To Breath
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
Outkast - Hey ya
American Idiot - Green Day
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor - Drowning Pool
Higher Ground - RHCP
Are You Gonna Go My Way? - Lenny Kravitz
Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

*whew* There. Maybe there's something on that list you like.

hi kerri!

know what you mean about the workout doldrums... happens to me all the time. two things that have helped me are spin class (does your gym offer that? it's a good way to switch it up every now and then) and training for an event.

for the past 4 months, i have been training for a half marathon, and it's been challenging, but great. i've found that it takes the emphasis off of diabetes and puts the emphasis on building fitness. i really enjoy it!

good luck!

Kerri, you are talking to your imaginary friend about country music. Be careful, or you will wind up with John Denver, James Taylor and Elton John on your ipod like me (yes, really), thus entering the realm of the perpetually uncool. Please make a change before that happens to you too! Seriously, why only indoor workouts? Maybe get outside to run or ride bikes, sign up for a 5K race and train for it, learn to kayak.....

ahh gold ole #33. Easy for him to talk about Kenny Rogers when his shorts are that short. that made no sense but, whatevs. Stay away from the country music.

Hello Kerri,

Indoor workouts are hard after a while. The only thing I do indoors is Yoga. This in turn helps me out with my long distance biking and now that it is cooling down I will start hiking. When I did workouts (weight lifting and cardio) indoors I used to make very upbeat play lists to listen to. Keep it up and good luck!

In addition to changing up the music - sign up for a race, a little competition goes a long way in turning that flame back up.

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