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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dryer Lint

I am so excited to try on wedding dresses.

After a weekend including completely ransacking our home office and trying to make sense of all the business/wedding chaos, I've come up for air.

Update on the Wedding Front:  I'm shaking the dust off my wedding planner hat (which is bright blue and has a long feathery plume, at least in my mind) and kicking things into high gear.  We've booked the reception hall, we've booked the church as of today, and we have chosen our bridal party.  Next on my list:  photographer, DJ, and try on wedding dresses.  I cannot wait to try on every wedding dress I can get my little hands on.  My mother is convinced that we'll "just know" which one is perfect, but I have a feeling I may try on several (read: is a hundred too many?) dresses before I can narrow it down.  I'm so excited, though.  Our wedding date is just a few months away! 

Update on Diabetes-Stuff:  To follow-up on my eye dilation appointment from Thursday, my eyes are looking very healthy.  I used to see an optometrist for my dilations, with bi-yearly checks at the Joslin Eye Clinic.  Since moving to CT, I've started seeing a retinologist, who shines that light into my eye to the point where I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience.  I wonder if I had any of these spots a few years ago, but my optometrist wasn't trained to detect them.    

"What do you see?"  I asked him, tears streaming down my face as my eyes revolt against what feels like the sun shining directly into them.

"Nothing, Kerri.  One teeny hemorrhage, but I can barely see that."  He hands me a tissue to blot my eyes.  "What do you see?"  I can hear the smile in his voice.

"I can't see a damn thing, Dr. Retina." 

He laughs and takes the light off my eyes.  "Looks good, kid.  No need for a three month follow-up.  Let's move to six.  I'll see you the month before you become Mrs. Sparling, okay?"For Darrell.

And on the A1c front, I'm hoping to have that result soon.  And taking a cue from the fact that a blood sugar of only 202 mg/dl makes me feel like I'm sucking on a popsicle made of dryer lint, I'm hoping it's a good result.

Update on Indiana Jones:  This is just as crucial as the wedding, and in about the same timeframe.  The fourth (and final?) Indiana Jones installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, is being released in May 2008 and the title was announced last night.  I am a huge Indiana Jones fan - "You call him Doctor Jones, doll!" - and I can't wait until this movie is released. 

He is just too cool. 


Glorious dryer-lint popsicles at a 202 mg/dl - I know how those feel... Ag. But that's a very good sign - hope you're pleased with the result.

Is your wedding THIS year? I thought it was next year - as in 2008??? Oh man - you've got a lot to do...

I'll have your white, mad as a Pamplona Bull hat for you in short order, B-zilla... :D


N - The wedding is next May. May 18, 2008. Eight months away. But last I checked, it was 13 months away. Time is flying! Have I mentioned that I haven't done any of the fancy fru-fru crap that all the bridal magazines are pushing down my throat? ;)

If you can't manage the Pamplona Bull hat, I would totally wear that other one we discussed. :O)

Things seem to be coming along swimmingly on the wedding and d-checkup front.

As for Dr. Jones, he has got to be the sexiest dust-laden man ever.

Hi Kerri,
You are not the first person I have read who waits for A1c results. We get them same day at the Drs. office. Is your test more accurate? I am confused.
the Anon lurker mom

When my daughter went to try on wedding dresses a couple of years ago, she thought she knew exactly what style she wanted. But after we got there, the wedding-dress-helper-person grabbed a few that were a little different than the others. My daughter eventually tried on one of those, looked in the mirror & brought her hand up to her mouth to try to hold back the tears. The helper-person said that was a sure sign that it was the ONE! I think you'll know when it's the right one, too. Good luck!

"makes me feel like I'm sucking on a popsicle made of dryer lint"

That is an ABSOLUTELY horrific image. Especially because I was eating a popsicle when I read it. ;)

Hi Kerri Im Reagan Im 10 years old and I have dieabets too.I read your blog sometimes.Reagan


I thought that was a picture of Dr. Retina for a second.

It's been so long since I saw Indie, I can't remember what he looks like. I see it's to feature an 'older' Harrison Ford. Will he look like the main lead in The Mummy? (Only kidding)

OK. Here's a challenge question. If the movie is released the same weekend as your wedding, will you postpone?? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

By the way, the best part of wedding prep is trying those little pieces of cake from various bakeries. Mm, mmm. Fun bolusing for a few afternoons. My wife and I still joke about the phrases some bakers used nearly 14 years ago!

kerri, the more I read the more I realize we have some really weird connections - first sting, now indiana jones? I'm glad I'm not alone waiting for this movie. :) You'll be able to see it on your honeymoon..come on..you won't have to tell hubby the truth. Back in the day before we had video on demand (or even vcr's) I actually saw the first Indy at the movies 15 times. (That was a lot in case anyone cares.)

As for the wedding dress, well, you really will know. You just will.

I cant believe your big day is comming up so fast.. i cant wait!!! Its going to be so much fun..Im soo happy for you..and dr.jones... gotta love those movies..well i just wanted to say hi and i miss ya..talk to you soon...

Will someone teach me again about reading and calendars? I seem to have forgotten a thing or two... :D

Kerri- I second (or third or fourth) what everyone has said about the wedding dress. I had little idea of what I wanted and went in, picked up two I liked, and really just KNEW. Well, and my pump fit flawlessly in one. I appreciate all your wedding info and can totally relate- I'm getting married on 06.07.08 and it's approaching much more quickly than I thought!
:o) Allison

Congrats on the upcoming wedding. I found your post very reassuring... I got engaged two months ago and have not picked a date, a location or even tried on wedding dresses. So I can probably put things off for a while longer, right?

Oh Harry..he is a cutie. Funny, I love Sting and Harrison Ford growing up too.

Look forward for the new movie.

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