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Pump Grump.

Where does the pump go?For my own diabetes management, I'm pro-pump.  Pumping has helped me keep my A1c on a steady decline.  The pump has helped me control those insane morning for-no-reason spikes and has helped protect me from frightening lows.  I lived seventeen years without my pump and I'm happy to not be sticking myself with syringes every few hours.  I appreciate the convenience and fluidity of pumping.

Except.  For.  This morning.

I woke up early to a comfortably cool bedroom temperature.  Long, hot shower.  Running right on time - early, even! - and I even knew where my keys were.  I found a nice (ironed - imagine that!) outfit in the closet - red floral skirt, off-white sweater, fancy Monsoon Artisans necklace.  Perfect for the warm beginning of fall.   

All dressed.  Just about ready to walk out the door.  Oh, one more thing! 

The pump.

I reattached the pump to the site, snaked the tubing up from my thigh, and clipped the pump to my waistband.  The light fabric of the skirt buckled under the weight and the skirt lurched to one side.  No problem, I'll just slip on the "thigh thing."  Okay, so that's all mangled and stretched and doesn't stay up right today.  How about tucking the pump into my bra?  Nope, the v-neck shirtline doesn't leave room for a medical device.  Maybe in the side of my bra, underneath my arm?  I did that on Saturday night in the black dress and no one was the wiser.  

Unfortunately, this light shirt made the pump look like a budding appendage. 

"Fricka-fracka dag nab it..." I muttered.  (Yosemite Sam's got nothin' on me.)  No matter how I wore the pump, it was the most blantant accessory.  Not even McGyver Morrone could figure out a quick way to solve this one.

So ... I plugged in the iron, grabbed my khaki skirt (with pockets) from the clean laundry pile, and gave it a quick steam.  Tossed the red skirt aside, determined to wear it someday but apparently not today.  I scurried off to work and made it just in time.

I was a bit of a Pump Grump.  In somewhat of a Pump Slump.  Until I tested at around 9:30 and saw that the 157 mg/dl I had woken up with had settled back down to 97 mg/dl.  It is worth it, even if it steams me up now and again.


Pump Slumps happen Kerri that is for sure. I would only trade Master P in for a cure but other than that, he is sticking by my side regardless of the troubles that come along with him sometimes.

Did you end up making it to work on time?

hah...I can relate. I remember my trusty ol' pump and on those lighter skirt fabrics (which I love to wear) it's tough to find the right spot if the skirt is sans pocket. Sometimes it's those little things that impact our lives that cause us the most grief. I know I can handle MDI's and testing 10 times a day, but sometimes having to slug an extra 150 calories worth of juice just puts me over the edge. My gripe today?

Still not being able to post a comment over at Blogabetes to share some love with the authors! :(

When will the skirt manufacturers learn that secret inside pockets are a good thing? Silly them, to be so slow.

My feelings exactly! Those situations constitute my only pump complaints. I've gone to using a nude colored Spanx under my skirts and dresses, and with some styles, I can comfortably position my pump on the front part of my thigh. However, with other styles, it looks weird, so I have to put it on the inner thigh--much less comfortable! It really just depends if I'm in a "fashion's worth the pain" mood or not!

Hi Kerri,
I've been T1 for 20 years as of August - when I was 6. I started pumping with a MM pump 5 years ago and have vouched to NEVER go back! I sometimes wear my pump tucked into the back of my underwear. Also, I use a regular garter sometimes and put the pump screen and buttons toward my body. I actually wore 3 garters at my wedding - keep, toss, and pump :). I now use one of those to hold my pump when I'm in the predicament you described.

I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, and I feel like we have a lot in common, at least diabetes wise. Thanks for your great blog!


I also tuck my pump into my waistband at the small of my back, again with the screen facing toward my skin. I can wear it this way with almost any fabric, so long as I have a waist (not a dress). Good luck finding a solution for the outfit!

AH! That's the worst.. I use the "thigh thing" most of the time but even, at times, that doesn't work.

Kerri - last resort, put it in your panties. I have done this many-a-time and no it's not as gross as it sounds. If you're squeamish about it, put the pump in a sock and off you go. (Gotta watch out for unsightly Ace-Venturaesque panty bulges if things starting shifting around, though!)

Two words: bike shorts.

Better than any flimsy thigh garter anytime

They should make some kind of elasticized belt you can wear at your waist that has a pouch hanging down. Then any skirt or dress can have a hidden pocket. If the pouch had vinyl on the outside, fabric would slide against it rather than bunch up.

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