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Moose Wars.

Moose WarsIt was an oddly incongruous weekend, with Chris and I brainstorming at a diner in western CT at one in the morning on Friday night, espresso martinis with the girls on Saturday night, and the Moose Wars on Sunday morning.

Yes, Moose Wars.

Little MP (Chris's niece) has a stuffed animal moose, picked up during the course of the Great White-Water Experience of 2007.  At breakfast on Sunday morning, it was decided that there would be a contest:  Who could walk from the breakfast table, around the living room, and back to the kitchen with the moose on their head?

"First prize is Mommy!"  MP smiled, satisfied with this answer. 

"Mommy?  What?"  Chris's sister pretended to reel back in horror.  "I'm a prize?"

MP scrunched up her nose.  "No, wait.  First place is ... a lightbulb!  Second place is Mommy."

Makes perfect sense. 

Steve!  Now with more jazz-hands!

So, after breakfast, we all took turns racing around with the moose.  MP's father, Steve, sported both the Moose and jazz-hands, making him the winner of a very fine lightbulb.  Fortunately, Jenn came in second and won herself.  And since I have been working on my night moose (will I ever, ever learn?), I did okay, too.  I take my Moose Wars very seriously, as you can see. 

I'm all sophisticated and shit.

In completely unrelated news, I'm excited to be traveling off to Los Angeles again this October (I had a great experience the last time I was out there) and I'm stoked to check out some new places.  I'm also going to be on the hunt for free-internet, so if you know of any coffeehouses or cafes that cater to an editor-on-the-go, I'd love a head's up. 

Can you still go to the beach in October in California?  Is there a wireless signal on the beach?  That may be the best (read: most fun) option. 

See you tomorrow, for Grand Rounds 3.52, hosted here!  I just have this feeling that there will be some diabetes bloggers featured.  :D


Hey, nice moose.

Are you going to Cali for something Chris is doing?

Bob Seger? Bob Seger??! My image of you is totally blown. I thought you were hip and cool and into Gomez and Eddie but now you throw Bob Seger into the mix?? What's next? Michael Bolton? *sob*

Shannon - A little for me, a little for Chris. Joint business trip. :)

Julia - I thought the words to that song were "Workin' on the Night Moose". I thought this until recently, actually. So I'm not into Bob Segar. And I'm apparently also partially deaf.

OMG, I just revisited your post from last year and totally remember Joe, the coconut picker.

LMAO. That picture still gets me.

Yup! You can go to the beach in L.A. in October. It might not be 85, but it'll be far warmer than beaches in Maine get in the middle of the summer!

If you want, send me an email, and I can pass along some names of places to check out. (I live in L.A.)

Hey, this is Jenny the girl doing the bike ride. Anyway, I live in Southern California and in October you can most def go to the beach...not any day, but plenty of days. October can be anywhere from mid 70s to 90 degrees. The beach is actually nicer in OCtober then in May and June when we have tons of marine layer. Enjoy CA=)

A suggestion for a coffee place would be "Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf". Ask for their sugar free Iced Blended. The last time I was in Southern California, I am pretty sure I saw a sign for the wi-fi.

If you and Chris want to see something cool. Check out Dukes on Malibu's Pacific Coast Highway. You can eat while seeing surfers on the waves. And check out Santa Monica's 3rd street Promenade for a night stroll with all the white lights on the trees.

Have fun!

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