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You Know You're Hungry When ...

You know you're hungry when:

1.  You're inserted html break tags into web documents and instead of "<br>" you're typing "<brie>".

2.  The Bacons newswire is making you salivate and wish you had some scrambled eggs to go with it.

3.  You test your blood sugar twice to confirm that you're not low - you're just feeling ravenous, even though you could have sworn you were 40 mg/dl.

4.  The packet of Banana Bread oatmeal that's been tucked away in my desk drawer since, oh, when I started working here in June of 2006, is starting to seem like a delicious idea.

5.  For some odd reason, the exhaust from the buses outside the office this morning This makes me laugh every time I see it.smelled a little bit like a breakfast diner.

6.  You want to chomp around your office like PacMan and eat everything you can find.

When I was on shots, I ate more regularly.  Pumping allows me to go waaaaay too long without eating.  A few times, I've actually thought my hunger was a disasterous low

I can't wait to go away this weekend and regain a normal, human schedule.


Holy sh*t, you don't know how hard I'm laughing at what the bus exhaust smells like.

That is because I always think bus exhaust actually smells pretty appetizing.

It does smell like a hearty breakfast, something I just want to sink my toofus into.

Wow! I love the pie chart graphic. hahaha. I often think I'm low when I'm just plain hungry and many times in the morning I run high, so even though I want to eat, I have to wait until my sugar drops into normal range making me ravenous!

It's tricky business, this D-life!

I had a feeling like this too! I was on a crowded bus and I really felt like I was gonna hit the floor. I had just had dinner but though, maybe something went wrong somewhere. Got to my stop, got out and tested at 154. Wonder why I felt so bad. Came home and had 100g carb for dessert anyhow :P

Dang! I hope you get yourself a snack soon!! :)

I had a "I think I'm low" moment after moving my boxes into my new apt. in Philadelphia today. But I checked and--106. I was proud of myself for not going low after so much exertion!

Ironically enough, when I roomed with a guy who smoked (never in the house, of course), his cigarettes would smell like Cool Ranch Doritos when I was particularly hungry. The rest of the time, they still smelled vile. Never had the bus thing happen though - maybe it's just recycling air through the exhaust that came from a diner?
Mmm, my tummy is full of baked potato and barbequed chicken. And I want more now :)

Demarco goes crazy when low if I happen to be filling the car up with fuel!!! He actually drools!! Everytime I test, he is always under. Admittedly,I know petrol isn't the best thing to get into, but I find it humourous, especially when others are in the car.

"Oh Demarco's low..."
"How can you tell?"
"His nostrils have doubled in size and he's eyes are bulging..when petrol is appealing to his senses it means he is hypo."
(Silence from friend.)

When I was younger and my bg was low for some strange,weird & bizzare reason I would crave pickles of all things ! Please excuse any typos just had surgery on my hand so this is a one finger comment !

AND I noticed that you used a PIE chart to show PacMan...

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