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Work It Out.

I've been in a bit of a funk lately

Could be the work stress, could be the wedding chaos, could be the fact that Ms. Sausage won't stop putting her nose in my ear while I sleep.  (Thankfully, we've started sleeping with the bedroom door closed to keep her meddling paws out.  But every morning, when I open the door to go out into the living room, she's smushed against the bedroom door, eyes startled from the door being jerked open and puffy with the excitement of being able to follow me around.  Blasted cat.)

Holy digression.  Anyway, I needed to reclaim my glee last night.

My mission began at the gym. 

Nothing makes me feel more in control than a hard workout.  With my new iPod shuffle (thank you, AADE conference) blasting out some Beastie Boys, I forced myself to pop the treadmill to an incline of 12.5 and forced the thoughts of stress out of my mind.  I banished blogging to the back burner.  I tossed my article list for dLife out of my brain.  Wedding budget?  Deal with it later.

Solid cardio workout sent my stress packing - Bird woulda been proud.  Another 20 minutes of resistance training in the weight room again forced me to concentrate on my muscle movements (a challenge, as I'm not terribly coordinated) and didn't allow any room for chaotic thoughts.

As I walked out of the gym, I felt sweaty.  And strong.  My blood sugars held steady throughout the workout, starting at 102 mg/dl. popping up to 168 mg/dl (thanks to the swig of juice before I started cardio), and landing softly at 128 mg/dl. 

I'll be hitting the gym harder, to let off steam and try to be fitter for my wedding gown.  Physical exertion helps me.  I think I found a tap dancing studio near my house, so I plan on signing up for classes there, too.  (Have I mentioned that I was a tap dancer for over 15 years?  It was the only athletic thing I was ever good at.  Have I mentioned scoring a goal for the wrong team during a round-robin soccer tournament?  Case in Reaching for relaxation.point.) 

Chris and I are heading away for a relaxing, romantic weekend at the beginning of September, during which we will leave cell phones in the car and laptops at home.  Maybe I'll stop working on projects every night and start taking some time to relax. 

A little fun goes a long way.

One of my biggest obstacles in diabetes management - life management, I guess - is stress.  I let the littlest things make me nuts, and the even bigger problems send me into the stratosphere.  My EOS (End Of Summer) Resolution?  Better manage the stress in my life. 

How do you guys handle stress?  What's your EOS Resolution?


I handle stress by hitting the booze.

I went to the gym the other day for the first time all summer. It felt incredible, so today I will go again. Jeff's coming home early so I can go before he heads back out to work for the night.

Summer has been brutal for me. The gym is the perfect antidote. It was pure ecstasy for me to not hear "mom" "wipe my butt" "he hit me" "I'm hungry" "I don't want to go to bed" "But I smell fine, I don't need a bath" no shrieks, crying, yelling, whining, arguing....and so on and so forth.

Good question Kerri.

And it's different for all of us, and it can change too.

I, like you, find that when life stress is crazy, it's my diabetes management that is pushed to the back burner.

Then, when my diabetes management is out of control, the life stress is amplified! It's a crazy downward spiral, and it's all too easy to let it take you out of control and down for the count.

The exercise is a great release for me - getting to pound on people on the basketball court is a great stress reliever! :-)

I also like to get silly with my kiddos. Hint, hint... (I can't WAIT for that announcement!).


Hmmmm... coping with stress is easier for me when (on a regular basis) I:

Spend time with Ryan (sans the children);

Exercise-- running, especially;

and Blog.

Unfortunately, I haven't done any of the above regularly all summer.

As a result, the stress has been sort of piling up.

Soooo... my EOS Resolution is to change that.

Thanks, Kerri-- for posing this question.

I agree! It's tapping time!
Just what I need to be doing.
Avoid the kids,pull my board out in my bedroom and tap til I sweat! Oh! And lock the door!!!:P Now, just to get the motivation. sigh....

Stress, it gets to us all. I too, tend to exercise to relieve it, or turn off all sounds and just breathe. I've found driving without the radio on has been calming for me lately, especially when the traffic is particuarly bad!

I completely related when you said you'd been a little down lately. For me, all of July and the beginning of August were pure joy! Lots of family time, excitment about my pregnancy (plus finally feeling better after the first trimester). Then suddenly, this past week, I've been feeling blah.

Perhaps, you've also been on such a high lately with wedding plans, cool work prjoects, the engagement party, etc. that when you come back down to "normal" moods, they feel low in comparison to how up you've been feeling?

Anyway, that just hit me as probably the case for me too. I guess the ups wouldn't feel so great if we didn't have anything to compare it to :)

I put my ipod on shuffle and RUN! It always manages to clear my head and sometimes makes me too tired to dwell on things later.

I also have a "Slam man." While I've never considered myself a violent person, getting to hit a large dummy with all my pent up work stress, does wonders! I have been know to put my boss' face on it, just to give me that extra incentive.

I think I tend to get a little more stressed while waiting for the seasons to change. This heat, here in the South, is making it hard to want to do anything other than stay close to an air conditioner.

Am glad you will have a romantic weekend getaway without phones, pagers, etc.

I remember the best advice was during engagement to have a date night etc. and some time not to talk about the wedding.

Planning a wedding is one of the top five stresses in a person's life I remember reading during my college years. It is so true. also moving is one of the top five as well.

If am stressed, I would either go for a quick walk in nature, take a bath after a long day, read magazines, a date night out with hubby, coffee with friends, hold off chores and play on the floor with our son, look at sunsets and/or say a little prayer for strength to get through the day.

This weekend will go to a coastal getaway with my close friends while sweet hubby will watch our toddler. We will try to make a tradition to do this once a year for a girls getaway weekend trip around the time school starts. Back to school etc. We look forward to it. The girls night out helps too which we do once a month. I make sure my hubby gets time off too to recharge.

The following weekend, will go boating with family.

Happy upcoming Labor Day weekend.

I never thought I'd say it - but a big stress reliever lately has been a weekly yoga class. Most people don't view me as the "yoga type" but not only has it been toning some muscle (I'd like to look nice in my wedding gown too. I have a year, hopefully that's enough time) but it reminds me to breathe. I think I forget to do that on most days. I must admit, I do fall over a lot during yoga, but the end result is worth it and my balance is getting better. Yoga has been my summer discovery.

the best way for me to beat stress is by doing one of a few things: go to the gym and get in a good sweaty workout, go out dancing or dance around my house like crazy, or if all else fails - wine and a good movie.

an incline of 12.5?? seriously? what speed? sounds like torture...

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