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Plane Jane.

Of course we were running late. 

Literally.  We were running as gracefully as possible with our laptops banging against our thighs and other assorted luggage bags flapping all over the place.  And of course I was pulled aside by security to have my insulin pump checked out.  I was wearing khaki capri pants and the pump was safely tucked into my pocket.  The security guard woman beeping me over with her wand told me her cousin wore an insulin pump.

"Girl, why aren't you wearing it on that clip thing?  That makes things much easier."The plane!  The plane!

"Yeah, but I don't want it just hanging out there.  I'm a quiet-pumper."

The beeper wand let loose with a loud "BEEP" every time it passed over my pocket with the pump.

"Not today, you're not."  She grinned, told me to put my damn shoes back on, and have a safe flight. 

My poor Editor-in-Chief (EIC).  She was my travel partner to the AADE today and had the pleasure of watching me go from (quasi?) normal human being to a jittery, nervous-to-fly girl. 

"Is it the taking off?  The landing?"  She asked, trying to pin-point my panic.

"It's the taking off.  The landing.  The flying.  The airport."  I grinned nervously.  "It's sort of everything."

Next to us, a little girl about 4 years old was standing on one of the chairs, pressing her face against the terminal window and pointing to the plane we were about to board.

"Hey daddy.  Daddy, that plane is dirty.  How did it get so dirty?"

Her father held her around the waist to keep her from tipping backwards.  "I'm not sure, honey."

She scrinched up her nose.  "I know!  That plane went up in the sky?  And then it flew upsidedown?  And then it crashed down into a puddle of mud and then it came here."

My face became ash-white.  My EIC giggled as I looked over at the little girl.  Her father laughed and leaned in to her. 

"No, honey.  I'm sure that didn't happen."

"Birds," I offered from my seat, scared of the imagination of a four-year-old and waiting desperately for the xanax to kick in.  "If it's dirty, it's from the birds."

Her father caught my drift.  "Yes, birds!  The birds think the plane is a really big bird and they come up and give it a kiss.  That's why it's dirty!"  He gave me a thumbs up while his daughter contemplated this fact.

"Covered in bird lipstick."  I offered, smirking.   The father nodded his head. 

"Completely."  The little girl gave me a wave as they moved to the boarding line.

Thankfully, the ol' xanax kicked in before I could say "Sky Mall," and I was out cold for the entire flight from NYC to St. Louis.   Also thankfully, I didn't end up drooling in my drug-induced sleep on my boss.  (Blood sugars, though stress was a big elevated today, held remarkably steady at 90, 134, 143, and then 91 mg/dl.  I was pleased.) 

Tomorrow marks the official beginning of the AADE conference.  If you are attending, come swing by the dLife booth (no. 1726) and say hello - I'd love to meet you in person!

More updates tomorrow night, including some photos of that gorgeous St. Louis arch, and of the St. Louis ballpark, where I can see homeplate from my hotel window. 


Hey Kerri! I work in downtown St. Louis and I've been seeing all sorts of AADE people walking around. Maybe I'll catch you sometime!

Are you sure that conversation between you, the little girl, and the dad didn't occur in a dream while you were high on the Xanax?

Amalas - We'll al be clad in our white dLife shirts- if you see us, please come on over and say hello!

Shannon - I wish I was wasted by that point. Instead, I was just mad at a four year old. Which felt wrong. ;)

Check out http://www.diabetesdaily.com/forum/travel/ for a two-parter on stuff to do in St. Louis if you're able to break away from the convention for a short spell.

Go over to the Bayer booth and lament the fact that I'm not there! I'm really quite bummed. But you could meet this year's Dream Fund winner, so it's worth swinging by :)

Not that you have to do this, but one thing I learned to do to avoid any delays in being wanded down by security was to take off my insulin pump, slide it into my purse, send the pump through the X-ray machine, and then reconnect no the other side. Security never knew the difference, and you spend less time disconnected than you do during your average shower. Oh, and Minimed has said that the X-ray machines don't damage the pumps so you don't need to worry about it. Maybe you've thought about it and don't want to do that, but I know you don't fly much so I just thought I would suggest it in case you hadn't thought of it.

Hope you're having a good time in SL. Wish I could be there!


I am sooooo jealous. The Police, the AADE conference; I have got to get out more. Can't wait to hear about what you saw at the conference. The Beach Boys are in CT this month. I'm feeling nostalgic.

I think the very best part of flying is thumbing thru the Sky Mall catalog. Almost as good as a Harriet Carter catalog. Almost.

Have a great trip and a good conference.

Have fun and fill us in on all the good stuff.

Great finally meeting you in person today, Kerri! =)

I hope that you have a good time. You should also go to the Budweiser Plant. They have taste testing, but that would cause your b/s to go up. They have the bud clasdales stable to go also. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

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