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Not a Good Sign.

Work has been INSANE.  Insane in that way that keeps you busy all day long, all night long, and has you dreaming about things that you need to do the next day.  Or even dreaming that you're accomplishing certain work tasks, making you startled when you arrive to work the next day and realize that you didn't actually write the column, but instead just dreamt about writing it.


And this level of Ahhhhhhh! warrants a chocolate fix. 

So I wandered over to the dLife chocolate stash (usually cleaned out by interns, but since they are all back to college, there are finally some tasty morsels for the rest of us).  I reached into the bag and pulled out a Hershey Kiss. 

Walked back to my desk.  Poked my head into my boss's office to touch base on something briefly.  Back at my desk, I was about to unwrap the Kiss.  No, I wasn't low.  I just wanted some damn chocolate.  I didn't feel guilty or anything. 

Until I noticed:

See more at LOL Diabetes!


What kind of sadistic bastards are working at the Hershey factory?  And why are they taunting me?

(Also, there's a new Generation D up over at dLife.  It's all about whittling it down to a more manageable size.)


you know how much I can relate to the crazy-busy state...

(And I had the same kind of dream thing happen last night!)

Kerri, I hope things settle down for you soon.

I hate the "I swear I already did this" dreams. It's like twice the work!

What kind of sick joke is that?

HI HI HI HI...just rub it your face why don't they.

Just make sure when the crazy-busy time finally ebbs at work that you take some time for you- it's very important!

But you ate it, right...? : )

It's like snack foods with warning labels! :D I love it. (Or hate it, depending on how bad I wanted the chocolate.)
When you're dreaming about things that need to be done at work, that's how you know you're stressed. Been there, done that (recently, in fact). Hope it gets better for you.

Mean! Hershey's is mean!

I hate being that stressed out! I usually dream that I'm dressed and ready to go, only wake up and find I'm still in my cozy spot! Yikes!

It must be something in the air. Everyone I talk to is overloaded lately. At my end, Claire's school schedule was completely a mess requiring multiple conferences at the school (it's still not fixed), the patient load at work has went through the roof, doctors appointments, etc. The list goes on forever. Make it STOP!!!!! lol

Surely this to shall pass! :-)

I could use a stress break too..... Can we all just run away and take over the Hershey's kiss factory? No more messages on the Kiss tags, and chocolate whenever we want it! OK, we'll need some big vats of insulin too. :)

I am originally from up in that area of Hershey, and I recently went back to Hershey Park for its anniversary this year. They hand out free samples of every Hershey item, except of course, none of their sugar free candies. Which I must say, their sugar free are TREMENDOUS.

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