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Every Move You Make ...

Last night, Chris and I took a little jaunt to see a band I never thought I would see live - The Police.  Despite the parking nightmare (thousands upon thousands of cars parked on a field with no marker posts or anything even remotely indicative of where we were standing), the concert was completely awesome.

A view from our seats.

I had seen Sting play once (which I made the verbal typo of calling him "String" to Chris and now that's how we refer to him - "Oh hey, going to see String tonight?") in Providence but not with The Police.  This was one of those huge shows from bands that toured when we were little kids and broke up before we were "of concert age."  We figured our chances of seeing them were sunk.

Until they reunited.  And oh man, were they awesome.

"String" and his pals.

There was a lady sitting a few rows down from us who was rocking so hard I thought her arms were going to fly off.  They started playing "Every Breath You Take" and she just went berserk, flailing around, screaming incomprehensible words, and tossing her short-cropped curls as she gyrated in her "I Love My Grandkids" t-shirt.  She made me almost as happy as The Police themselves.  (We took a video of her, and of a few songs, that I'll load up later.  She may be my new hero.)

And now I'm off to pack for St. Louis and get ready for the AADE.  If you're going to be at the conference, stop by the dLife booth and say hello!  I'll be the one ... most likely talking incessantly.  :)


Hard to believe those guys are all in their 50's huh? One of my best girlfriends is a STING addict, and sadly she could not make it to the concert in RI or Fenway. I'll have to link her to this post. That picture of Sting will make her day!

Missed them when they came through Central Florida. Everybody has said they were awesome! :)

Ok - I'm seriously jealous here. The Police? How cool is that??!! I'm glad to hear that they are still awesome in concert. I'd LOVE to see them. Can't wait to see the video of that woman either lol - she sounds like she was having a great time lol lol.

Have fun in St. Louis!

(heh heh - string .... i'm giggling now ... my best friends husband LOVES the police - his all time favourite band ... we used to bug him and call sting "stink". Now, not only will I be thinking "stink" i'll be thinking "string".) Man, I'm warped.

String...er Stink...I mean STING can arrest me anytime.

Except I couldn't take 6 hours of Ashtanga Yoga sex. He'd have to tone it down.

I'm guessing you went to Rentschler? I have heard nothing but bad things about the parking there!

My friend, the rock critic at The Courant, blogged about the situation.

We saw them at MSG the other night. Great show - although Stings son's band was a bit disappointing.

The Mister and I saw the Police last week at Fenway Park. It.Was.Awesome.

And in a nod to the audience, they were selling Police onesies. Baby Lyrehca is now a proud owner.

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