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The Wedding Crashers.

We started at Narragansett Beach on Saturday morning - early.  Armed with bathing suits, trashy magazines (oh how I love trashy magazines), and the company of some of my college roommates, we were on the beach and relaxing in the sun by early morning. 

"Kerri, only you would have that little pouch that matches your bathing suit."  My roommate said, gesturing towards the flowered blue case my pump was nested in.

"What?  I need to keep it fashionable!"  (Thanks, Donna, for the insulin pump pack!  It was a hit at the beach!)

Wearing the pump at the beach usually isn't an issue at all.  Infusion set on my thigh, pump tucked underneath a shirt to keep it shaded, and a spare pump cap for going in the water and I'm all set.  No one notices.  I've only caught people looking at those moments when I'm first arriving at the beach and the pump is clipped to my bathing suit bottom.  (Wires are essentially untuckable in those situations, so they are a bit exposed for a few minutes.) 

However -

The sand/ocean/stickiness from sunscreen presents a unique problem:  reattaching the tubing.  When I disconnect and put on a spare pump cap to go in the ocean, the salt water cakes up around the infusion set, making it sticky and tricky to reconnect once I get out.  I have to rinse the site profusely with clean water to unstickify it and even then the site clips back in place with a chalky groan.  (I use the Minimed Quick-Sets.)  At one point, I couldn't get the site clipped back on until I rinsed the site off in the bathroom sink.

Aside from those pumping glitches, blood sugars held steady in the sun, ranging from 80 - 212 mg/dl (forgot to bolus for that iced coffee - dang!). 

Lindsey, Kate, Heidi, and me - we couldn't decide which camera to look at, apparently.

After dinner at Crazy Burger (where something that looked like spinach with chocolate sauce was served, but it was actually spinach with a balsamic reduction) and some sangria at Turtle Soup, we hit the Coast Guard House. 

Standing out on the upper deck, a woman in a black dress came stumbling towards us.

"You girls need to come inside."  Her shoulder strap slid down a bit but she was too drunk to notice.  "Seriously.  You need to come inside and dance.  This wedding is so fun and you need to come inside."

We shot her a collective confused look.  She shook her blond head and smiled sloppily.

"I know.  I would be like, 'Who is this lady?'  But you should come inside and dance.  Come on!"

I think we were too taken aback to argue with the lady.  We filed in, watched as assorted bridal attendants danced like fools, and laughed our asses off watching the drunk blond lady girate all over the place. 

Is it possible to be invited to crash a wedding?


Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson would be so proud of you for this Kerri.

Wedding Crashers 2 : The Invite ....

I dont know, but that sounds like a good movie to me

Please take me back to Narragansett. My wife and I used to live across the street from the beach in the condos. I miss that place so much. All summer long was a party atmosphere and late fall, winter, and early spring we had Narragansett to ourselves. Eight years ago the block across the street from the beach had a hotel, theater, library, fire station, police station, grocery store, restaurants, sandwich shops, pizza place, bank, donut shop, and a bunch of specialty shops. We moved to Naples, Florida eight years ago and love Florida but I miss Narragansett. Okay, the reason I commented was to say that being a man with diabetes is easier. I admit it.

Chris - I'll have my fiance start that script. :)

RichW - I'm a South County, RI native and a URI grad, so your whole comment resonated for me. My roommates and I actually lived in a bed and breakfast right across from Pier Market in college. It was awesome!! (They're actually rebuilding all the condos now - three stories high with loft ceilings. Gorgeous.) I love RI.

Did you partake in the food and beverages as well?

I would've taken full advantage of the invite...dancing with dad...giving a speech to the bride and groom.

That's hysterical that you were invited to crash the wedding

And yes Kerri - I TOTALLY see the engagement ring peeking out of your pocket there.

Nice sly way to show it off...


Kerri, I'm glad the pump pack was a hit at the beach.
Sounds like you girls had a great time!

What I want to know is did you girls get your groove on, or did you just laugh at those who were dancing? Did you get any ideas for your own wedding?

Holy shit... I was at that wedding in Narragansett. I saw you girls walk in, and I wondered to myself where the heck I had seen you before. It wasn't until I popped by your site again today (usually I'm what you call an anonymous lurker) that I realized that I wasn't totally wacko with my de ja vu moment at the wedding. Freakin' six degrees of separation was prevelant that night.

We didn't actually crash the full-out "reception" part of the wedding, but what looked to be more of the after-party at a bar where almost all the attendants ended up. So no real wedding ideas, although the bride's dress was very pretty. :)

And HOLY SHIT Lisa, you were at that wedding? That is possibly the oddest thing of all time. I hope you found us to be respectful. :) We had a good time! (And there were two weddings at the same place - one with a bride in full getup with bridesmaids in blue dresses and another where it was definitely the after-party because the bride was in a sweatshirt. Which party were you at?)

Hey Kerri, I have been married for 23 years last May and my husband and I are STILL trying to figure out who the lady in the red dress was. She's in a few pics and unknown to both of us! Were you, by chance, reincarnated?!
I think your story is great!

Maureen - I wish that was me that crashed your wedding! That is too funny. :)

You are hearby invited to crash my 25th anniversary party in two years ;-)

I can't believe that I spelled hereby wrong!!!!!

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