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Dr. Vineyard

Last weekend on our adventures, Chris and I visited part of the Connecticut wine trail.  We made our way up the western portion of the state, starting with the beautiful White Silo Vineyard where we had sweet rhubarb wine.  Our next stop was the Hopkins vineyard, where Chris found the "most delicious wine ever, seriously" (aka the ice wine they were featuring) and I tasted a wine that was more black pepper than grapes.  Lastly, we drove back towards the shore and stumbled upon a vineyard that wasn't on our Official Winetrail Map - DiGrazia Vineyards

View from the hilltop of White Silo Vineyard.

It was almost four in the afternoon and food had been spare so far, so when Chris and I took our seats at the wine bar and I spied the little plate of crackers, I couldn't keep my hands still.  Testing in at 90 mg/dl and knowing that there was more delicious wine on the horizon, I thought it would be good to snack.  So my fingers kept grabbing a few crackers, snaking them into my mouth, and then venturing back for more.

So many more that Dr. DiGrazia, the owner of the vineyard, came over with the box of crackers to refill our plate. 

"Hungry today, eh?"  His 70 year old brow furrowed slightly and he gave me a small smile.

I blushed, cracker crumbs on my shirt and one on its way to my mouth.


"Well don't be shy.  Eat up, and enjoy the wine."

Not needing to be told twice, I snacked on crackers freely and tasted a delicious blush wine, then a port, then a few dessert wines.  Blood sugar held steady at 130 mg/dl.  Feeling very smiley and wandering out into the vineyard garden with Chris, we were among the last at the winery that day. 

Dr. DiGrazia came out onto the porch and beckoned me to sit and chat with him while Chris wandered off with the camera.

"Did you enjoy the wines?"  He asked me, settling back into one of the Adirondack chairs.

"I did.  I enjoyed the crackers, too."

"That's fine.  Can't drink without eating."

"Agreed.  I'm actually a type 1 diabetic, so the wine definitely needs to be countered by something else."

He shifted in his seat and gave me a hard stare.

"Ah, diabetic?  Since you were a kid?"


"Plenty of shots, then, eh?"

"I used to do shots.  I use an insulin pump now."  I pulled my pump from the pocket of my skirt. 

"Ah!  Never seen one of those before.  Aside from the vineyard, I actually have a practice in town.  I'm a doctor."

"No kidding!  Do you have any diabetic patients?"

He laughed.

"No.  I'm a gynecologist."

"Oh, I see.  Well, diabetics go to the gynecologist.  And they have babies.  So I bet you have some diabetic patients."  I gave him a wink.  He tipped his glass to me.

"Maybe.  I don't see many diabetics, or at least patients who talk about it if they have it.  So what do you do?"

"I work for a diabetes media company in Westport called dLife.  We have a tv show on CNBC.  And I also write a diabetes blog."  Chris came up and joined us on the porch.  "And we're getting married next year, so I'm a pseudo-wedding planner as well."

"Marriage, eh?  Well, when I deliver your baby in a few years, I can be on that dLife TV show.  And I'll talk about the health benefits of a good glass of wine."  He laughed.  Grapes on the wine vine.

"TV show?  Sure, once you deliver my future-baby, we'll put you on the show."  I smiled.  He was such a sweet old man and he made wonderful wine.

"But not on your blog."  He laughed at the kids these days and their blogs.

No, Dr. DiGrazia - never on my blog. 


No he sounds like one of those special folks you'd like to maintain a friendship with.

Thanks for the pointer to the vineyard. Maybe I'll swing buy on the weekend in Connecticut when I'm doing my bike ride.

That is a great story Kerri. I explained to my Endo about starting a blog, and she was like..."oh I heard of that, but whats a blog." Can't blame him for wanting to be on dLife. Those were the first ideas that went through my mind when I first heard of the show..."I'm going to be on there one day." Keep up with the great stories.

That was a sweet story.

If he ever catches on to Google, you'll be busted.

Thanks for a great story, and a virtual vacation from work. I've always wanted to see a vineyard. Next time it will be in person.

By the way, rhubarb pie? Sounds painful.

Did he tell you about his sulfite free wine ? Great guy....I live a few blocks away and he once opened his shop so I could buy some wine on a holiday....I'll never forget that...he got me out of a sticky situation with my in-laws by doing that.

Jerry - He did tell me about the sulfite-free wine! He also told me about free radicals. He's a very sweet guy and hopefully he has no idea how to Google his own name. ;)


What if a patient Googles his name, finds your blog, tells him at their next appt that a diabetic woman named Kerri blogged about him, he gets upset, tracks you down, and kicks your ass.

You never know, it could really happen.

Well, at least I didn't say anything bad about him. He is a VERY NICE MAN and he makes DELICIOUS WINE and PLEASE DON'T KICK MY ASS.

Oh dear. Well, if you are a patient of Dr. DiGrazia, you have a nice doctor.

you had me at rhubarb wine.

oh hiii.

Hello. I've just started exploring your site. I was curious, what is your A1C? On the regimen my daughter is on, crackers are a big no-no.

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