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Weekend Update.

Over the weekend in Rhode Island, NurseBestFriend and I spent a little time on the beach, relaxing in the sun and watching families play along the shore and the old guy with leathered skin behind us swirl his belly hair into a cyclone. 

"What is that guy doing?"  NBF whispered over her shoulder as the man behind us sang along to his iPod.

"It's like his stomach is a cotton candy machine.  Oh my goodness, is he singing Celine Dion?"

We talked about our jobs, the wedding next year, and our plans to take Batman out for her birthday that night.  After assessing our sun-burned skin, we headed up Route 4 and grabbed the Batman.

Dinner in Providence.

All three.

A drink or two.  (Okay, maybe a few drinks.)

Kerri and NBF.

And some dancing.

Batman and Robin?  No, that's Kerri.

Blood sugars were a little on the higher side (running from around 180 mg/dl and crested up as high as 265 mg/dl) but it was nice to relax with friends and have a good time.  Focusing on work, developing side-projects, and keeping my eye on the career ball is good, but sometimes you need to just let loose and have a damn good time.

And before bed last night I was 129 g/dl.  This morning, 127 mg/dl.  Good recovery.  Back on track for the work week.   


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Good Lord, Kerri. Please try not to get any cuter. You're making the rest of us look bad :).

Glad you had a good weekend - and I'm glad you're stabilized for the start of the week.

Good for you, Kerri! Sounds like a carefree, relaxing weekend with girlfriends - a necessity for all.

Everyone needs the chance to just cut loose from time to time. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together. How great that the week even got off to a lovely start with those numbers. I hope the rest of the week follows suit.

It is good to hear you had a good weekend. Although I did get nervous when the Celine Singing Sashquatch showed up. That could have gone south quickly.


When are you getting that Dexcom going? I hope soon...

Drunk dbloggers of the world unite! I ran between 120 and 175 at my friend's wedding.

Ditto what Nicole said :)

You should be a Colgate model.

Nicole and Shannon - I'll pass that on to my mom and dad, who constantly remind me how much my braces cost them back in the day. (And thank you - you made me blush!)

And I also brush with bleach. ;)

Ed - Totally. I knew you'd understand.

SuperG - Again, I laughed out loud at your comment. The belly-button guy was fantastic. His stomach was a natural wonder of the world.

HHP and Vivian - That's right, ladies. Cutting loose and having fun is crucial to survival!

MoHo - Tonight. I'm extremely nervous.


You certainly do have a fantastic smile! The dentist in me, however, hopes that you don't literally brush with bleach. Or at least, not household bleach! ;-)

And I couldn't agree more about the importance of letting our hair down.

Good luck with the Dexcom. Just remember that your biggest enemy with CGM is over-expectation and all will be fine.

Our entire family has perfected choppers.

You can't pose for political brochures with crooked toofus - though I find imperfections to be part of a person's charm.


OMG, instead of saying teeth, my daughter says "toofus". That's her version of the plural form of tooth, LOL.

I just found it funny to see toofus written in Darrell's comment. Don't mind me.

Hi Kerri,
Love your blog, but never seem to get around to commenting. But I did have to thank you for a nice giggling fit, thanks to your beach encounter story. The way you tell it, it's almost like I can see the belly hair glistening in the sun myself... :)

Happy Birthday Batman!

Love, Laura

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