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Diagnosed as a kid, I don't remember ever having the option to snack recklessly.  My mother and father, determined to keep me as healthy as possible, packed me school snacks that would bring great joy to ... an 80 year old woman maybe.  However, I was eight years old and toting around a lunch sack containing rice cakes and carrot sticks.  (Yes, very healthy.  Yes, also very boring when you're a kid.)

I have to admit:  I finagled some lunch switcheroos when I was a kid.  Those rice cakes that my Tasty and fibrous!mother had loving factored into my meal plan were chucked into the trash in favor of someone else's Ring Dings.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm assuming I'm not the only one who ditched the meal plan.  I was a stupid kid, for crying out loud!  And those snacks that were orchestrated to fit with my peaking NPH and Regular doses were tedious.   

I've heard that taste buds change every seven years.  Is this a bullshit claim?  Does that explain why the snacks of yester-year are no longer repulsive to me and are instead coveted tasty bits?

Enter green beans.

Fresh green beans are my snack of choice all year long, all day long.  I like their cool exterior and their vibrant green color.  I like how they snap.  And I like how they make me feel full and require almost no insulin to keep their effects on my blood sugars quiet. 

If you asked me when I was a kid, "Hey Kerri, how about some nice, tasty green beans?" I would have mustered up the nastiest look possible.  But now I buy them by the pound at the grocery store.

Other snacks I've found to be both diabetes-friendly and tasty (or at least not disgusting) are walnuts, almonds, cottage cheese, and sharon fruits.  If I was presented with that list as a child, I would have been sick to my stomach.  But thanks to my evolving taste buds, I find these things to be delicious and relatively easy on the D.  What are you guys snacking on?  I could use some further palette expansion.

But don't get me wrong - my remaining childish tastebuds scream for some black raspberry ice cream.  Or a Snickers bar.  ;) 

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Currently in my desk drawer at work:

cayenne cashews
macadamia nuts (garlic & onion flavored)
god-awful Curves granola bars

string cheese is also a favorite.

And I never snack from the receptionist's desk anymore. No, no dark chocolate Hershey kisses. And I certainly didn't have one of those German chocolate cupcakes someone brought in yesterday. SIGH.

Just this morning I blogged about my new favorite snack: strawberries and mozzarella cheese on top of a sesame thin cracker.

For true on-the-go, no meds or insulin required snacking, I never leave the house without a mini-baggie of almonds - I can eat these in moderation without raising my blood sugar more than a few digits. I've also been digging nori (salted, roasted seaweed sheets), but they aren't very filling and I'm not even sure how much nutrition they have - I use them more when I'm just feeling "snacky" but aren't actually hungry.

here are some of my faves:
low fat jarlsberg cheese
plain yogurt
celery by the pound!
luna bars (s'mores) before the gym
anything with trader joe's reduced sugar jam (so much better than smuckers!)

I love whole roasted and salted Cashews. Rice cakes are pretty good but it can be hard I work for an importer/wholesaler/distributor as a Buyer. We get all kinds of samples and I get to try a lot of different foods. Not really good for the diabetes but I manage to keep it very tightly controlled!!

Kerri, **DUMB QUESTION ALERT** do you eat the beans raw or cooked? I love me some fresh green beans, but I've never had them unless they were steamed/fried/boiled.

I pack old lady snacks for Brendon.

This morning he packed his own snack.....baby carrots.

I guess my old lady tendencies rubbed off on him :)

Noah loves to snack on cucumbers and their salty twin, pickles. Black olives are a favorite, too.

It's hard coming up with sweet stuff, but our favorite dessert lately is a black cherry flavored sugar free jello cup topped with chocolate whipped cream. We call it the chocolate-covered cherry.
For a small treat, Dibs ice cream bits are good.

After 28 years of being able to have a cookie or snickers bar when I want my snacks have been dramatically changed. Now I keep a bag of dry roasted wasabi edamame at my desk or a mini-baggie of almonds. If I just visited my parents and hit up an actual grcoery store I'll grab Emerald dry roasted almonds - which are excellent.

Man I'd kill for a chocolate chip cookie!

Rachel - dLife has a bowl full of Hershey Kisses in the kitchen. I can actually hear them whispering to me, rustling their foil wrappers. ARGH!

Lea - Ooh, the "chocolate-covered cherry" sounds excellent. I will need to try that. Cucumbers are a snack I use, too.

Lancet Queen - Excellent snack choice. The health writer at dLife is always singing the praises of nuts.

Kendra - I eat them raw. For no other reason other than I'm too lazy to cook.

Ed - You tell me who has those cookies and we'll kill him together. And then take his cookies. ;)

Dave - I would love to try all different kinds of foods, but I bet I'd then have to try all different sizes of pants.

Laura - Jarlsburg cheese. Pretty tasty, that!

Shannon - I have baby carrots today, too. Brendan and I are an old lady pair together. ;)

I also love Emerald nuts...any of the dry roasted ones...and roasted peanuts in the shell. For a treat, I like to sprinkle some cinnamon on Land 'O Lakes sugar free whipped cream. Other favs...pickles, Cracker Barrell 2% Sharp Cheddar Sticks, and "fake" popcorn: take cauliflower florets, toss in olive oil, sprinkle generously with salt or your favorite seasoning, roast until the outside browns/caramelizes. Sounds gross, but I swear it's divine.

I should have mentioned chocolate. I really love chocolate!! It can be the high end stuff or Peanut M&M's, either way I am in total bliss!!

At the grocery store I found a box of Sugar-Free FlavorIce (you know, freeze pops in plastic)...not only do they taste good and come in all the flavors I coveted as a kid (except orange. wtf?), but it's only $1 for a box of 18.

I'm with Rachel on the string cheese, or any kind of cheese stick. Cheddar or Pepper Jack are especially tasty, too.

Wasabi peas
Sugar free Jello miniature cups - red or orange, please.
Sunflower Seeds

Also string cheese - totally agreed. Pepper Jack... MMMMM

Hi Kerri :) I like your style. Stay healthy and the best to you, my dear.

What about raw peas in the pod. they also make that great snap noise! But just make sure you get to them before they are too big...then they taste like newspaper. I will agree whole-heartedly with the string cheese...nothing better than a good long string!

Looks like cheese and nuts are the most popular items for most people. Is a tough snack in some respects since they are really useful in maintaining good blood sugar, but the high fat in both can lead to other problems down the line as well. That being said I usually have at least 3 different types of cheeses in my fridge and have been known to have up to 8.

Low fat cottage cheese with a spoonful of sugar free jam is a tasty snack.

I love a slice of Boars Head Buffalo Chicken (even better right after the deli man has sliced it), or if I'm really craving salt, I'll have just two Pringles.

Raw spinach, edamame and hard boiled eggs all make my healthy list.

I won't mention the peanut M&M addiction. And as for Hershey Kisses and, worse, Hugs - every trip I make to the US I come back with at least three or four bags stashed in my case!

Speaking of times diagnosed as a kid - do you remember HAVING to snack whether you wanted to or not?

I think that is probably why I have such a disconnect with food today.

I definitely remember having to snack whether I was hungry or not when I was a kid. It was awful! My mom wanted to make sure I got all the food I was "allowed" for the day. So if I didn't get all my "fat" servings, I would have to eat a spoonful of mayonaise. Yuck! So I don't do that anymore.

I usually eat peanuts or cashews - that takes care of the salt-craving. If I want something sweet, I eat a small box of raisins - even though I have to make sure I bolus for those. But I definitely lay off the spoonfuls of mayo....

I'd add a green salad and even better - a chef salad. I also go for drinks like diet pepsi and Snapple diet cranberry raspberry I've also gone for the 711 Crystal Light Slurpee although you do have to count the carbs in those. The Diet Pepsi is the only slurpee that is truly carb free. They are fun to eat and satisfying. Nuts don't work for me. They always raise my blood sugar over a few hours.

I can't eat cheese because of the high salt content. I do sometime have fat-free Pringles, but my favorite are blood oranges. Unfortunately they are done for the season now. They have a loose skin that just falls off, mostly no seeds, and a slightly rasberry taste. One or even two does nothing to my bg.
These comments were making me hungry at work todY!

Well, as a substitue for M&Ms, the almond version have about half the carbs. Still somewhat unruly, but at 20 carbs they're much much easier to deal with than 40+ carb normal candies.

Anything soy! Soy Slender's chocolate milk or soy chips are both easy on my blood sugar. Also, claussen pickles!

cashews (love 'em)

and a fave snack when I get home from work (usually around 3.30pm) is some raw sliced celery, cucumber (I can eat apple cucumbers like apples hehe) and green capsicum (I think you call them bell peppers?) with a touch of balsamic dressing.

I used to trade my peanut butter crackers for a Twix bar (2 Twix bars, actually!) with the same kid almost everyday at school. I thought the kid was crazy to make such an obviously unfair trade, but I was getting such a deal! (or was I??). I too have lingering guilt associated with these transactions.

I've never had green beans as a snack, but when we make them with dinner, my plate is usually 2/3s full of 'em. Add some toasted sliced almonds, salt, and butter and Mmm, mmm, mmm! (although I feel like I almost negate the healthiness of the green beans with the salt and butter).

I also eat a handful of almonds and/or wasabi beans almost everyday when I get home from work to hold me over until dinner.

And I'm sorry, but I just can't believe that someone can eat JUST TWO Pringles, ever (once you pop, you can't stop!).

Cheese. Definitely cheese. Mixed nuts are also a (new) favorite of mine.

Of course, I am also a dedicated chocoholic. Thankfully, I usually bolus correctly. I wouldn't say chocolate is especially D-friendly, but the chocolate-covered ice-cream bars from weight-loss programs are fairly low-carb. Mmm!

Did you say Snickers? I love them too and have finally tricked my brain into accepting the Balance Bar Caramel Nut Blast as the real thing. They're great (with a tall cup of decaf) & balanced in carbs/fat/protein. They'll hold me steady with a small bolus & keep me full for hours (actually as a meal replacement sometimes). Also...canned sugar-free cherries (like for making pies) over low-fat cottage cheese...as satisfying as cheesecake used to be, without the high blood sugars afterwards. Maybe I'm getting old tastbuds...but this works for me when I'm craving something "rich".

English Muffin w/ crunchy peanut butter
English muffin/peanut butter/sugarfree jam
Apples w/ cinnamon
Pumpkin seeds
Sugar fee pudding w/ sugar free whipped cream

While Hiking - I'll share a boiled egg or two with my husky - she gets the yoke and bad cholesterol, I get the white. I also use Glucerna bars (Snack size) while on the trail, one every hour or so.

Love cheese for snacks..

Last month, I accidently had "fried" mozz cheese. Some chunks of cheese fell on a pan while making pizza. And I nibbled these fried cheese and its a new favorite snack. Just place 1 inch square blocks of your favorite mozz cheese in a 400 degree oven. Wait til it turns light brown on top. Let it cool and there's your snacks.

Love cheese on top of spelt bread. Rudy's spelt bread is to die for. (I sound like a valley girl..smile) Spelt is one of oldest grains on earth and so healthy. It tastes sinful. Its a nice alternative of wheat bread. The numbers are great as well.

www.rudisbakery.com/ViewProductDetails/reqID--250 Heres the link for Rudi's spelt bread.

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