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Belly Up.

Last night:  In a bit of a fit, I decided to use my abdomen for my infusion set.  Pressing the Quick-Serter against my stomach for the first time in over two years, I had that fleeting thought of "Oh what if this stings???" but it deployed smoothly.  Sitting at my desk and returning some emails, the site on my stomach didn't bother me much.  Resting about three inches to the right of my naval, I didn't notice any issue due to my low-rise pajama bottoms.

Went to bed just past midnight, after texting Chris good-night and knowing he would call once he was back in his hotel room in San Francisco, I fell asleep with Abby to the right of me and Siah prowling around after the cap of the hairspray bottle on the floor.

The phone rings at 2:30 in the morning, 11:30 California time.

I reach over and answer, my head damp and the waves of nausea coming over me violently.


"Hey baby, it's me.  How's my girl?"

How's his girl?  She's fumbling with the test strip, convinced she needs to test and confirm this low blood sugar instead of crawling to the kitchen for juice.  She's pricking her finger by the lamplight.  She's afraid to say anything yet because she knows this one is bad and she doesn't want to make him nervous.

30 mg/dl.

"I'm low.  I'm 30.  I'm low."  The words are a steady stream of consciousness, falling off my lips and traveling 3,000 miles across the country to my fiance's ears.

"Juice.  Now, okay?  You need to drink it now."  I can hear him trying to be calm, but it's hard when he's not next to me and able to run for the juice himself.

"Okay."  I walk out to the kitchen, Abby following me and wailing.  I open a sports bottle of juice and drain it.  I open a second one and drain that one, too, my phone against my ear and my back against the cold edge of the fridge.

"I drank it.  I'm going to come up soon." 

Most of the time when I'm low, I know it's going to be okay.  I know that I'll regain my control and then I'll smile sheepishly.  But this time, I'm scared.  I'm alone, I'm scared, and these tides of weakness and release are washing over me, making me frightened that if I close my eyes, I won't open them again.Light the way to good control?  Oh man, that's cheesy.

"It's okay, Kerri.  It's okay.  We're going to wait and you'll be okay.  I'm here."

The tears escape without my permission.

"But I'm scared.  I feel close.  I'm scared.."

I sit quietly and wait for the juice to push back the tide.  And it does.

"I miss you." 

"There's my girl.  You sound better already.  You're coming up, right?  Why don't you test?"

62 mg/dl.  Just seeing the number brings me relief.

"Sixty-two.  I'm on the climb.  It's okay.  I'm sorry."

"What happened?"

"I don't know.  I put the site on my stomach for the first time in a few years and maybe it absorbed more quickly than my thigh.  I don't know."

And we stay on the phone for another thirty minutes, his voice coaxing my blood sugar back into range. 

I have a DexCom (thank you, endlessly, Diabetes Fairy) sitting on my dining room table.  I think it's time to give it a go.


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Hey Kerri,
I have started using the pump 3 montsh ago, and i am using only my abdomen. and almost everytime I change the infusion set, I have a sudden low. now I decrease the basal to 80% for the next 4 hours. It seems to work better. and I try to avoid changing site at night. maybe it works for you as well.

Sounds like a rough moment indeed. I have used my thigh exclusively for Novolog shots and don't want to go back to the stomach.
The tender bits of the stomach tend to hurt more often than not during injection time.
I was under the impression thigh sites absorbed more quickly... but maybe with the prolonged use of the thigh, absorption slowed down for you compared with the abdomen.
I just want to get on the pump already so my legs don't look like some mobster took a nickel sized bludgeon to them. Nearly each shot leaves a bruised reminder in it's place.
-It's getting old

Go for the Dexcom -- I like mine (only 5 days into it).

You worry me, you seem to go low a lot.

I have a lamp that looks just like that-got it at Target. Kerri I do have one question for you, after reading your posts you seem to go low in the middle of the night frequently. Is your basal set to high or is it just unpredictable as all get out?

hi kerri,
i use my infusion set in my abdomen and ALWAYS go low after i put in a new set. i feel your pain! my bf is out of town this week too... nighttime lows are scary enough on their own, but even more so when there's no one else there!
glad that everything is okay now.

The middle of the night lows were a problem last year, but I've only had a few over the past few months. These two happened to be back-to-back, which is irritating, but somewhat explainable. The first one came after a day of abnormal stress levels, a lot of driving, and scattered sleep hours. And this second one is a result, I think, of the abdomen site.

I will admit, and proudly, that for the most part, my overnights are solid. I usually go to bed in range and wake up in range. But when these flukes hit, they hit hard.

It must kill Chris to not be there with you. He's a good guy.

A 30 at 2:30 in the morning....that gives me the chills.

I hate it that you had a bad night. I know that it is so scary to be alone and be low. I really just wanted to give you a hug when I read it. I'm glad Chris was able to call & wake you up.

Is it a guy thing to NOT want his SO to know these things (when she's around or not)?

Sigh - glad you had Chris on the phone at least...

Hmmm... I am a frequent stomach site user. I tried my thigh a couple of days ago and it seemed like I had very little absorption. Weird!

Dexcom, a trial or a permanent donation?

The Dexcom was sent to me by a reader who, if she lived closer, I would hug. I only have one sensor, though, so I need to order a few more to really get rolling.

Hi Kerri,
I've never left a comment on your site before, but I do read it from time to time. Thank you for sharing!
Often I've read your accounts of night time lows. This has also been a problem for me, and with my husband's travel schedule, he is as likely to be away from home as not. I have to depend on myself, and my young children depend on me to wake up each morning. I keep Juicy Juice boxes on my nightstand every night. Heading downstairs to the kitchen is a last resort. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable and safer if you didn't have to make it to your refrigerator to treat a low?


Yikes! Scarry indeed. It makes sense that the insulin would be absorbed faster through your stomach than thighs since you would have more fatty tissue on your stomach than thighs. This always makes me wonder what area Doug Burns uses as his infusion site!

I think the idea of keeping some juice next to your bed would be a great idea - your past 2 posts have been about nighttime lows so maybe your ratio is changing a bit (like mine did last week). I however don't have to worry about getting to my fridge as in my Manhattan apartment I'm never more than 100 square feet away.


Glad you got through it OK. I HATE lows where you feel that despair that you'll never get out of it.

Once I had one of those where (during the low) I pulled out my set, thinking it was partly what was driving me down. I think I was around 25 that time!

I think you'll like the Dexcom, just remember that it's another tool to help. It's far from nirvana.

Dexcom! Excellent! The glucose monitor has allowed me to sleep at night and not worry, I hope it brings you the same!!

I'm going to chime in on the juice by the bed thing. If you have to drink it cold, get a dorm fridge and keep it next to your bed.

These posts scare the shit out of me. I'm really glad that Chris called you. The what ifs give me chills.

I wish it was my preferences that kept the juice in the fridge instead of on my bedside table. I almost ALWAYS have a juicebox on the bedside table. This, of course, was "that one time."

Bad string of luck on this one. :(

Woo, that is low.

I actually have been having tons of nighttime lows this week also. I've reduced my nighttime basal rates like whoa and it still happening. It's interrupting my sleep enough that I'm frustrated and sleep deprived. But then this morning my only roommate (unless you count the dog and cats) left on a week-long trip so now I'm also feeling a little scared.

It's ironic because I think this is from being able to exercise more since I went back on the pump (when I was on shots for a few months to let my scar tissue at my sites heal, dealing with my longer workouts was a nightmare/impossible). The getting back to doing as much exercise as I want part makes me very happy, but it's funny because all I wanted before was to have my pump back for predictability and fewer lows (with those fun rebound highs).

On stomach vs. thigh sites - I have the same varying absorption issue, but the opposite problem. I can't use my thighs or hip (hence the stomach sites being overused) because it really doesn't absorb. And if it does, it's late - I'll run 300s for hours after I eat and then come down hard 5 or 6 hours later.

Maybe you need different basal profiles for stomach vs. thigh sites?

Sorry this is a novel! Glad you're ok.

Scary indeed! Not least to be reminded of the subtle dependence we have to the people around us. I just posted about some of my hypo-experiences in Germany, and how it annoys me to realize how being away from my boyfriend makes me miss him, not only for his presence and love, but also for his ability to notice and - if needed - help me when I'm low.

By the way, I mainly use my abdomen for infusion sites, only occasionally using my thighs and buttocks. My feeling is that absorption is definitely faster from the abdomen, and if you then add the ability of site changes to induce lows then you might be right that this was what caused your night time low this time.

Hope everything is better tonight! :-)

CGMS, it is time! (Echo) Definitely go for the Dex, I tried both MM and Dex and the Dex reacts much faster and closer to true. Dex 7 will be out soon, too.

Hi Kerri - this is a first for me to post a response, but I read your blogs frequently. Reading your story about the low in the middle of the night and the deep fear of those results is all too familiar. (I keep the gel in my nightstand b.c I'm usually pretty slow to react. They're gross, but they're easy and act quickly. I used to set alarms on my phone to wake in the middle of the night to catch a low. I now use the Dexcom, and have been using it since the middle of May.I wear the sensors for about 7 days. Although you'll have to work through the variance in readings through the first 3 days, the trends are dependable and having the piece of mind that something that will alert you in the middle of the night before you are too low makes the most difference for me. Keep in mind you can't take Tylenol while wearing the sensor b.c it causes innacurate readings. Good Luck!

Although I haven't noticed any "get me in trouble" lows from using an infusion set in my tummy (one of my favorite places) I HAVE noticed that it's a great place to inject to treat a high if you suspect a pump site on a thigh or anywhere else is going wonky . . . hmmm.

What a guy. I think there will be a flood of tears at your wedding when Chris will say "for better for worse, in sickness and in health"

My sisters wedding was very romantic cuz of those words. She sat by her fiance (now hubby)s bedside when he was in coma for 2 weeks after a car accident. There wasn't a dry eye after she said these words to her hubby in front of her.

You might need flood insurance for your wedding. :^)

I am on my 4th of 4 sets for the Dexcom. I'll be interested to see what you think of the system.

You're so very welcome! Thanks for the hug!

DF (AKA Diabetes Fairy)

So effing scary.

Good Fiance. Good Juice. Good Fairy.

So effing scary Kerri.

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