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Drugstore Dot Com

On a tip from Jill, I was itching for yet another new meter.  Something about a jazzy little, fun-colored meter that I could stash in the car would satisfy my almost unquenchable thirst for gadgets.  (Remind me to tell you about the toasters, alarm clocks, and bicycles I would take apart when I was little, just to get a glimpse of the inside.) 

I spun around in the One Touch site and found the One Touch UltraMini. (Pink or green, pink or green ... I went with green.) Placed my order with Drugstore.com.  They sent me an email, confirming that my meter would arrive at work in two days.

I was excited to receive it, like it was a birthday present.  Silly diabetic.

And yesterday, the box arrived.

Ah, the box.

Like a good consumer, I checked the packing slip.

Packing slip, but of course.

And I opened the box to find ...

Not exactly a meter.

Hmmm.  The box is about the same size.  The color scheme isn't entirely un-glucose meter-esque.  But damn, this definitely isn't what I ordered.

I emailed the Customer Support people at Drugstore.com:

"To Whom it May Concern,
I received my order from
Drugstore . com today. Excited, I opened the box and expected to see the One Touch UltraMini glucose meter that I had ordered to help manage my type 1 diabetes.
I received a box of Tampax Pearl tampons, instead. 
Are you kidding me?
I can be reached at [phone number], and I expect to be contacted immediately.  We're not talking about hand cream here - this is about disease management.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
In the meantime, thanks for the Tampons. 
-- Kerri Morrone"

Still no response from Drugstore dot com.  My faith in them is dwindling ... but I do have these fancy tampons, if anyone needs any.  ;)


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We have the One Touch Ultra Mini and so far I can't figure out how to use it.

I was going to make a joke about the tampons, but thought better of it ;)


(by the way, those are my...umm..preferred brand and make.)

LOL... Seriously. I know it's not funny - but it IS funny.

I think it's damn funny. ;)

I'm sorry Kerri but this is just a crack up!!!

I have used Drugstore.com and they have always been great! Hopefully they will compensate you for their error.

I have been praying for a "painless meter" but it does HAVE to work! ha ha

OMG! People are asking me at work what I am laughing at! LOL

Thanks for the laugh! LOL

*LMAO, wiping off the coffee I just spit at my monitor*

OK - so I just ordered me one of those. Thank you, Kerri, for feeding yet another of my addictions.

In case anyone is interested - and does't have insurance coverage of these gadgets - Lifescan is having a promo, they're only $19.00 + 4.00 shipping and handling...


To Whom it May Concern,

These test strips are taking far too much blood and are not providing clear results, please advise.

That is very funny! Thanks for sharing!

LOL, I used to use drugstore.com a lot, back when they were doing free shipping all the time...it ended up being cheaper than the neighborhood NYC drugstore. But tampons instead of a BG meter? At least you're not a man...can you imagine the embarrassment if a guy had opened that package at *his* office?


Imagine the person who ordered tampons and ended up with a green meter! (who mail orders tampons anyways?)

I used drugstore.com too (and after agonizing between green and pink, I picked green) I got mine a few days ago. It's cute, but it doesn't beep! Apparently, I really like the beep! The case obscures some of its flashy color as well.

Hopefully everything will get sorted out for you!

You've got to keep us posted about what happens!

My hubs has the 0ne-touch mini and loves it.

Gee, I would say I'm scared to order it, but I DO have 3 females in the house who could use the substitute product if they goof up.... ;)


What a let down....certainly not as exciting, but worth the laugh!!

I just got the ultramini and I love it - so easy to just throw into your purse! I just went to Walgreens and they had it behind the counter for $19.00 (although not in any fun colors).

By the way I'm relatively new to your blog and I have to say I love it!

That's funny. Let us hear how it works out.

One of the reps came into work the other day with the colored mini's i think my face was almost like a kid on christmas morning i was so excited! It's the little things! Thats so funny about getting the tampons though!

Mine is flashy pink. Awesome.

Funny! I bet you'll hear from them very soon after this post.

Lmao wow!

Ohhhh, sorry Kerri, but I had to laugh. How disappointing to open up that box and find a pack of tampons sitting there! LOL.

I hope they send you your new gadget soon (and do NOT charge you for the tampons!!) hee hee.

I just had a Septoplasty this morning and you story is making me laugh!!!! Ouch!!



Oh, come on, Kerri. Where's your McGyver can-do attitude? If he could escape a burning building using a Bic pen and an ACE bandage, surely you can check your blood sugar with a tampon.

OMG, I spit water out at Darrell's comment!!!

Someone was definatly low when they filled that order.
That said,you made my day sorry it didn't make yours!!
Was there something else in the box?

You should contact The Guinness Book of Records. You now hold the world record for Most Expensive Tampons.

Omg, that's hilarious. I want a pink ultra mini. I guess I know where I won't be ordering from.

LMAO at Darrell.

aaahhhh hahaha that is soo funny..well besides the fact that you didnt get your meter. I was kind of excited to see a picture of the pretty new green meter when i scrolled down the page, but not so much! haha well hope they contact you soon. lol

omg Kerri... hilarious! And Darrell.. muahahah!

Made me smile today reading this post... way too funny!

This story is too funny!!! (But I do hope you get a refund, or at least a meter!!!)

Not to give free ads or anything.. but I will anyway.. americandiabeteswholesale.com is dirt cheap--54.29 for that meter and 50 strips--and they don't even carry tampons.

absolutely hilarious! lol you def. made me smile ... though i was really looking forward to seeing the new meter! hopefully they'll refund your money (last time i checked a box of tampons does NOT equal 20 bucks lol)

Baaahhhh ha ha ha haaa!

The sheer ridiculousness of this incident has just made my entire morning.

For the record, I want the pink one...maybe they'd send me maxi-pads instead?

You mean all these months, all these years, I could have gotten insurance to pay for these things? D..., why didn't I think of that? jc

Hmmm....how can I put this delicately...when I saw you ordered a One Touch Ultra Mini and that the color could be green or pink, let's just say I thought the pharmacy actually sent you something used for personal attainment of pleasure.

Hilarious story! : D

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