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Spammed a Lot

There were carnations on the bureau already – bright pink and blooming by the window.  I like flowers and Chris is quick to make sure there are always some in the vase in the bedroom. 

Yesterday, for my birthday, I noticed that there were a few extra bits in there.

“What’s this?”Birthday flowers

“Your birthday flowers!  They should be springing up in a few days.” 

There were budding daffodil stems hidden amongst the carnations.  He is too cute.

For my birthday, Chris surprised me with tickets to see Spamalot at the Schubert Theater on Broadway.  I’m not much for musicals – something about people bursting randomly into song makes me feel a little twitchy – but I was excited to see anything involving Monty Python and anything with the obscenely funny British comedy feel.  And I was excited to be in the city for my birthday. 

The play was excellent.  We laughed at the funny bits and marveled at the set changes.  The acting was fantastic and the music was just tongue-in-cheek enough to keep us from becoming annoyed.  (How annoyed can you be with a song containing the lyrics “This is the song that sounds like this…”?)  The Knights that say Ni made an appearance, as did Tim and the evil, white bunny rabbit.  French gatekeepers farted in people's general directions.   God also stopped by for a spell, encouraging King Arthur to find his chalice.  Overall, the theater newbie in me was appreciative and entertained.  And had a stomachache from laughing.
My heels clacking on the New York City sidewalks, fresh from a Broadway show, protected from the icy winds by a scarf, and hand-in-hand with my boyfriend, it was a gorgeous way to celebrate another year.

Next on my theater list?  Talk Radio.  I loved the screenplay.  I loved the movie.  I can't wait to see it live.  I think it starts tonight. 


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I saw Talk Radio a few years back, the movie. Very intense. Saw on the website that Liev Scriber is playing the lead. That will be awesome! Glad to hear that spamalot was good. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Kerri!!

Birthday flowers. How sweet. He's such a nice guy, your Chris.

Kudos to Chris-- that is an awesome gift!

I would love, love, love to see Spamalot -- Holy Grail is a favorite in this house.

So glad you had fun!

Happy Birthday my friend.

So how sad is this, when I read "marveled at the set changes" I pictured an infusion set. so sad.

Chris is making me look bad! Sounds like a great guy!

Very good gift!! It sounds like you had a spectacular birthday :)


I would love love love to see Spamalot. The CD I ordered of it still hasn't been played, but I may have to amend that this weekend.

(And I'm glad to see someone else prefers Holy Grail...ahem Sandra. My husband and his immediate family prefer Meaning of Life, but mine prefers Holy Grail.)

Happy birthday Kerri!

Hi Kerri!

We are so happy that you were treated to the theatre for your birthday! It's MY (Kate) Birthday in a weeks' time..I have been promised breakfast in bed by Demarco. I'm so glad you got treated like the goddess that you are! K&D xx

The "hidden daffodils" from Chris really made me smile. Glad you had a marvelous birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kerri(kerriboberry)...and many more!

Happy belated birthday, Kerri!

Happpy HEALTHY belated Birthday Kerri and many,many more!!!

I want to see Talk Radio soooooooo badly. Why muist Broadway be so expensive????

Happy Birthday Kerri -
God Bless

Happy Birthday Kerri! It sounds like you and Chris celebrated it wonderfully.

Happy Birthday, Kerri!

Happy several days belated birthday Kerri! I actually remembered it but was snowboarding in Maine and had no internet connection.

Man, I SO want to see Spamalot...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Happy birthday!


Sounds like a nice time.
Many happy returns, too!

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