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The “Year In Review Meme”

(Ripped off from Rachel.)

The first line of a definitive post from each month.  It was straHappy New Year!nge to go picking through the archives.  But also strangely therapeutic. 

Here we go!

January:  I didn’t always count the sips.

February:  Sometimes I examine the minutiae of a moment until an ache forms in both my head and my heart.

March:  I held hands with Superman.

April:  Scene.

May:  “Diabetes doesn’t define you, it just helps explain you.”

June:  I quit my job a few weeks ago.

July:  Internet access is spare STOP

August:  That I should learn to sew.

September:  My eyes were wide, wide open and my pupils were dilating further by the second.

October:  My beautiful grandmother died this morning.

November:  Dear Pancreas,

December:  The alarm goes off, forcing my hand out from under the covers to turn it off.

Farewell, 2006.  It's been a wild year. 


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You have such interesting first sentences. I did that meme and was utterly bored, so I didn't even bother to publish it!

Best of luck in the upcoming year!

hey, that was like... instant response. excellent customer service here at six until me. i heartily approve! my archives aren't too interesting, i'm afraid. i love your blog though, i've read through all your archives. if you DO decide to clone Chris, i'm in line for a copy, mkay?

I can't believe we met less than a year ago. It seems so much longer doesn't it.

I think it's time to start planning the next meet-up. This time we can call it a reunion!

Terrific review, Kerri. It has been a wild year.

Can't wait to read of your adventures in '07!

(And, fingers crossed, one will take place at a film festival in a friendly Wisconsin town... )

Happy New Year-- and my best to Chris and the rest of your wonderful family.

I hadn't read some of those,so thanks for that.
What a year.
All the best for 2007.

Kerri, I hadn't read some of your entries from earlier this year and they were great, as always! Hope that your 2007 is going well so far!

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